Israel - guinea pig nation for vaccines. By Anne Nissim, MA, Cantab.

Guess what, in the midst of an alleged “pandemic”,  deaths in Israel in 2020 were about the same as in 2019.  Lockdowns were not needed and there are cures for Covid which are being kept from much of the world.  The real story is revealed here after detailed research by Annie Nissim, our daughter who lives with her family in Galilee.


Annie writes:  Now, from our perspective in 2021, we can look back on 2020 and see how absurd it was. We were very afraid at the beginning. The media had prepped us to be afraid. The report sent out by China was quite terrifying.


Perhaps something terrifying did happen in Wuhan and perhaps people anticipated that it would be the same all over the globe. But the truth is that the catastrophe we were told would happen did not happen. Looking back, we now have the figures and the figures show that what we felt to be the case on the ground was actually the case.


There was no excess mortality in 2020 above any other year. This was our personal experience in the society that we are living in and the statistics confirm this experience. 0.52% of the population died in 2020 as compared to 0.50% in 2019.


Fluctuation of the death rate from year to year is natural. 2011, 2012, and 2015 also had a 0.52% death rate. Years 2000-2008 had death rates ranging between 0.53 and 0.59%, so higher death rates than we saw in 2020.


The death rate in percentage form is no longer available as a statistic from the government.  To work it out, we had to check the number of deaths, obtain the population size from other files and work out the percentage rate. This statistic should be freely available information in its percentage rate.  Unless the government wants to hide something of course.


But every corona death was pushed in our faces in the news every day. Many elderly people shut themselves in their homes for the entire 9 month period from the arrival of Corona in Israel until the vaccination. This includes neighbors and friends of ours. This was simply out of media-created fear. The Government locked us down three times, perhaps more than 4 months altogether.


We watched a video in which scientists and medical experts were despairing that the Government simply refused to listen to their recommendations and proceeded with lockdown policies against all expert advice.


We think we know on whose recommendation  Israel, and all the other governments of the world have been acting - on the same recommendations of the World Health Organisation, whose largest donor is Bill Gates. We do believe that the object of the media-promoted fear and the lockdown policy has been to drive people to desperation so that they accept the vaccination roll out.


They are all singing off the same song sheet, using the same phrases – build back better; we need a great reset. Now they claim we need to reduce our carbon footprint and stop eating meat.  The goal is to destroy all industry and reduce carbon emissions to zero.  I can only imagine this would lead to famine.


Only after the vaccination roll out had progressed for some time, the public who follow non-mainstream news became aware that the Israeli Government had signed an agreement with Pfizer, in which the state of Israel promised to vaccinate enough of its population to achieve herd immunity.


The percentage that would need to be vaccinated is not known and it is not even known whether herd immunity can be achieved by this means, even if we were to vaccinate 100% of our population. So basically they committed to vaccinate most of the population of Israel. We do not know what the penalty would be if Israel failed to keep their commitment.


The public is not being made aware that this vaccine does not even have standard drug approval. It has only Emergency Authorization. The population of Israel is the experiment for this vaccination.


The Prime Minister has sold the nation. We are the guinea pigs and are waiting to see what the results of this move will be. This when there was no real need for such a move, as there was no real need for the lockdowns that preceded it.  There was no excess mortality in 2020.  No more death than in any other usual year.  That means there was no pandemic in Israel. Only Government-created economic ruin and media-created fear.


Most people have capitulated out of social pressure.  About 56% of the population are vaccinated. Around 90% of everyone over 50.  Around 75% of 20 to 50 year olds, and 20% of 10-19 year olds. Largely, people vaccinate because they are afraid to lose their jobs, or because they believe vaccination will enable them to travel again.


We have no idea what the effect of vaccination is going to be. This is an mRNA vaccine, never used on people before.  New technology, and no one can look you in the eyes and tell you that it is safe. We are the experiment.  Enough experts are issuing severe warnings about potential infertility and auto-immune disease.


Most recently,  Geert Vanden Bossche, who is the Senior program officer at the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and a vaccine developer and expert, warns that the current mass vaccination program is going to be a catastrophe.


He warns that vaccination is causing the virus to mutate and become more aggressive.  This might explain what we have seen in Israel that the number of Corona deaths increased 3 times since vaccination begun. We had around 3,000 Corona deaths reported in around 9 months prior to the vaccination and around 3,000 Corona deaths in 3 months since the vaccination began in Israel on Dec 20th,  2020.


Geert also warns that vaccination while the virus is still mutating will create a situation in which the body’s natural, non-specific antibodies will be in effect neutralised because they are overshadowed by the artificial, specific antibodies that are given to you when you receive the vaccination. I’m not an expert, but if he is right, this will give vaccinated people a disadvantage when they come into contact with the different Corona mutations.


Any opposition or alternative opinion expressed is suppressed, or delegitimized.


An ER doctor about 10 days ago put a post on his Facebook page. He simply stated that he has seen the 2nd case of infection in the heart muscle in an otherwise healthy young person who has received the Corona vaccine.


He himself had taken the vaccination, but simply raised the question whether this might have been caused by the vaccine. He was quickly delegitimized by an Israeli scientist.


In the Israeli newspaper that I check from time to time I saw a warning that the Ministry of Health would limit doctors who opposed the vaccination. On the same day there was an article urging people to listen to the experts and not to fake news. You see the contradiction. We should listen to the experts – and any experts who dare to express a different opinion will be severely dealt with.


None of the members of the Israeli Government have opposed the move toward medical tyranny. Our Health Minister when the whole business started did not support all of these moves. He was an Orthodox Jew. He was quickly moved aside.


He resigned and a health minister was brought in from Netanyahu’s party, which has been promoting a drive to vaccination and strict sanctions against anyone who will not vaccinate.  I don’t see that the upcoming elections will change the situation.  Right and left, no-one opposes what is happening.  A new party has been formed with the sole purpose of trying to stand against it.


I see the goals of this drive to global vaccination in three main areas:  firstly, it’s about money. Secondly, it’s about control. Thirdly, it’s about the Satanic move toward his final world empire. This empire will be Satan’s last stand.


Bill Gates has stated that in the last 20 years, he’s invested  heavily in vaccines.  He is a core ‘partner’ of GAVI, the vaccine alliance  and  he told interviewers in 2020 that he was working on producing Covid vaccines in different labs.  But that’s not all. He let slip in one interview that eventually vaccinated people will have to be marked digitally in some way. This definitely reminds us of Rev 13.


Are we in danger of the virus?

Yes, I think there is danger of the virus, more so since the vaccination if Geert Vanden Bossche is correct.  But there are cures for this virus!  Three I know of and others I’ve heard about. If you can, get some medication into the home in case of emergency.  The three I know of are:  Budesonide – asthma medication, Hydroxychloroquine, and Ivermectin.


If the WHO and the Government really cared about our health, they wouldn’t try to demonise doctors who have discovered cures.  Instead they produce fraudulent articles to delegitimize them. This isn’t about trying to protect the health of citizens; this is about progressing toward the NWO and perhaps reduce the global population  in the process.


Believers in Israel have largely taken the vaccination. They were convinced to do so by two believing scientists who gave a convincing presentation to a conference of all the Messianic leaders and pastors in Israel. This convinced the majority to favour vaccination and many pastors in turn encouraged their congregants to go get vaccinated.


Some churches are now opening on the basis of the ‘green pass’ proving vaccination. Not all. Some are opening for all, but with social distancing and masks. It makes me think that one day you will only be allowed to go to church if you have taken the mark of the Beast.


Green pass is recommended by the Government, but not yet fully made law and not fully implemented. The Supreme Court recently made a ruling that Netanyahu has illegally closed international flights to non-vaccinated people. Glad to see some push back!


Other Israeli lawyers have complained to the Hague that there have been crimes against humanity committed during the vaccine roll out in Israel. We hope this will be stopped before the children of Israel are pressured into taking this vaccine.

  • Annie has lived in Israel since 2006. She has a Masters degree from Cambridge University in Theology and Oriental Languages and speaks fluent Hebrew. AF.



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