Alan Franklin, who once wrote a PR handbook for politicians, tells Christians how to make an impact.

Hello M.

You are not troubling me and my time is available! I just did a webcast, which was fun, so I am relaxing at the keyboard.

I certainly believe we should be the salt in society, putting our ideas forward and not letting the enemy make all the running. It doesn't take too many people to make a difference. I read about one campaign, in Britain, where about 100 activists succeeded in getting a law changed.

Once, when I was an editor, I kept getting press releases from "Friends Of The Earth" in a certain town. They made their presence felt. I found out that the "friends" involved consisted of one man on a pushbike! My joking title for the organisation is "The Fiends of The Earth," for they spread a lot of disinformation and promote the creature rather than the Creator.

I voted UKIP, which promoted the Brexit deal for the UK to leave the EU, and have also done talks for them in the past, trying to train their activists and leaders how to communicate.I have also coached a hall full of 200 Conservative MPs who wanted to learn how to get their views out efficiently.


I think Christians need to be informed and get involved with organisations like The Christian Institute of Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12 8DG, tel 0191 281 5664 which campaigns effectively for Christians. For example,  they backed a Christian care home in Brighton which had £13,000 worth of funding withdrawn by the idiotic local council because they refused to comply with demands such as asking their elderly residents about their sexual orientation every three months!

Can you imagine anything more disgusting and degrading? Anyway, after the Christian Institute stepped in and legal proceedings were prepared, plus lots of publicity was given to the case, the council backed down and funding was restored. This is the sort of Christian activism which I would endorse.

The Christian Institute is currently trying to get Christians to comment on proposals to force teachers to teach obscenities like "homosexuality is just another lifestyle choice." Death-style choice more like!

I like Creation magazine and they are worth getting involved with. If non-believers and even Christians are allowed to hack out chunks of the Bible they don't agree with, we will be left with nothing worth having.

The whole Bible is built on creation and we should know the facts and defend the faith. Genesis, incidentally, is the most referenced Old Testament book in the New Testament. Our Lord taught Creation as a fact.

Creation is staffed by people with scientific backgrounds and their magazine is first class. Furthermore they send speakers round the country. You could organise local meetings, show films, invite speakers etc. They are available via:

One thing Christians of all ages can do is get onto newspaper and other media websites and add comments. I do this most days. Anytime Israel is under attack it gives those who love the land a chance to tell the story the BBC doesn't, and get the facts across.

Of course, first we must know the facts! I recommend the late Dave Hunt's excellent book Judgement Day which is packed with historical and up to date data on the land and the Jews' rightful claim to it.

You can also see if churches can get good speakers to come and inform them. Our church, Tongham Christian Fellowship, has featured great  guest speakers like Tom McMahon and Roger Oakland, who we had for a special teaching week-end.

We are just a small fellowship, no more than 60, but we hired the village hall and sent out lots of invites. It was a success.I go out speaking wherever I am asked to. where possible although I no longer like long road trips.

Real Christian speakers will only ask for expenses, accommodation and, perhaps, a love offering towards their overheads. Getting the truth out should be their motivation so ignore anyone who asks for a fee.

That's my advice for now: do get involved as together with other Christians we can make an impact.

Best regards from Alan

Subject: political action


Hello Alan

Sorry to trouble you and take up your time, but I was reading Chuck Baldwin's article on the website and agree that as Christians it's no good throwing up our hands and saying we can't do anything, it's ok 'cos it's all prophesied and Jesus is coming back soon. I doubt God would be very pleased as we sit back and let the darkness overtake this country, "evil triumphs when good men do nothing" and all that.

So I was wondering what practical action we can take as Christians.Steven Green at Christian Voice seems to stand up bravely.

I'd welcome any ideas and/or suggestions you might have.

God bless



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