How a Sikh found the Lord Jesus Christ. Now there is joy in his life and he has the answers he was seeking.

This is Amrik’s story. He found no peace or satisfaction in his Sikh religion but alternatives seemed to offer no solace either. Then, by one of those “accidents” that sometimes happen when you are searching, he came face to face with the word of God. I met him when I spoke in Halesowen, a town in England’s West Midlands. Amrik came to hear a talk on Bible prophecy as, like many converts, he is eager to learn. I wish more Christians had that zeal! Here is Amrik’s testimony, in his own words. AF.

I grew up in England, my parents having emigrated from the Punjab in India during the 1950s   I followed the Sikh traditions of my family which I was expected to pass on to my children. I had no joy and found no comfort in this religion and yet I had nothing else as I wondered desperately through life wandering what the point of it all was.

I had a void inside me which nothing could fill as I desperately searched for a meaning to life. I turned to yoga and meditation and I had mystical experiences. They didn't change me for the better nor did they give me the peace I was looking for.

I started visiting my local library, looking for knowledge. I read philosophy , history, autobiographies and yet  was none the wiser. One day I was in my local library looking at books on alternative medicine and as I turned from this section I found myself facing the Holy Bible. I reached out to take hold of it and thoughts came rushing to my mind: this was not for me as I  had my religion - this was for the west.

Then I thought: “I have tried everything else so I’m going to see what the Bible is about." I started to read John’s Gospel but at first it made no sense to me. Over the next few weeks I continued going to the library and searching the scriptures.

One day, as I finished reading in the library, I put the Bible down and had a strong conviction that it was the word of God. I now knew that The Bible contained all the answers to life I was looking for and I had to have my own copy. The following weekend I went to a bookshop and purchased my first Holy Bible.

I was so spiritually hungry that within six months I read from Genesis to the book of Revelation. What a blessed day it was when I read Luke 18 verses 10-14 and got on my knees and confessed that I was a sinner and asked Jesus to save me.            Amrik



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'But when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do, for they think that they will be heard for their many words.' (People who say the rosary repeat the 'Hail Mary' prayer 53 times and the 'Our Father' six times.)
Matthew 6:7

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