Vaccines Don’t Stop the Virus. So why get vaccinated? by Alan Franklin

Vaccination does not block anyone from acquiring the virus nor does vaccination stop you from spreading it. So those with the sense to forgo these deadly non vaccines, which fail to work on all levels, are not a greater risk to anyone than the “vaccinated.” Anyway, the recovery rate for people with Covid is 99.98 per cent for those under 70 with no existing health problems.

The unvaccinated are therefore no greater  threat to anyone than the vaccinated. So why are there worldwide attempts at Fascist style control of people, restrictions on many normal activities, threats of so-called “vaccine passports” and even home confinement?

The reason is the most blanket and relentless propaganda campaign the world has seen, coupled with near total suppression of the truth- vaccines kill! Masks are also useless but that’s another story. Remember, the “vaccines” are in clinical trials until 2023-they are “experimental” and not fully tested.

 “Yes, you can still catch and spread the virus, which is why you must still wear a mask, even if fully vaccinated. But it is essential that you be fully vaccinated if we want to stop the spread.”So goes the propaganda.

Yet the literature reveals the most vaccinated nations  are enduring the greatest caseloads, as in Israel.

The least vaccinated, meantime, have the lightest caseloads.

I am not an “anti vaxxer” as my Polio vaccine stopped me getting this deadly disease, which was prevalent when I grew up in England.

If the Covid vaccinated must live in dread fear of the unvaccinated, what sort of vaccines are these?

A person inoculated against measles or even flu does not fear catching anything from his or her friends

 Meantime, the Centers for Disease Control  in America cannot give one example  of the naturally immunized making  anyone ill.

Medical websites indicate that those “vaccinated” are 56% more likely to acquire the virus.

Why then must they endure vaccination?

We know from Israel, the world’s most vaccinated country, with jabs provided by Pfizer, in which Bill Gates’ Foundation is a major shareholder, that the vaccine effect lasts about six months. Now to be counted “vaccinated” you have to have four jabs.

Even Dr. Fauci acknowledges that the vaccine’s effect doesn’t last long  as does Gates, the world’s number one “health” dictator and biggest backer of the World Health Organisation, where  he has the status and voting power of a country – the only person ever granted this.

Yet they insist upon universal vaccination.

The world’s athletes have had a 60 fold increase in incidents such as heart attacks since the “jabs” started to be forced on many people while others were brainwashed into believing they would be good for them. Just coincidental? Yes, I too believe in fairies.

For the evidence of grave vaccine after-effects continues to pile up.

.Meantime, truth-tellers working in medicine reveal that  hospitals are crowded with the fully vaccinated. Many are down with rare and confounding conditions. We know personally of previously healthy people struck with serious illnesses after being "jabbed."

“The Most Dangerous Vaccines in Human History”

Mr. Steve Kirsch(, a top IT expert and company founder) cites evidence from data crackerjack and VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System) authority, Albert Benavides:(

As of Nov. 1, 2021, there have been more adverse events reported for the COVID vaccines than for all 70-plus vaccines combined since they started tracking adverse events 30 years ago. That’s a stunning statistic, nobody can deny it, but nobody in the mainstream medical community (or mainstream media) seems to care much...

Here’s what the evidence shows:

The COVID vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines in human history. They are 800 times more deadly than the smallpox vaccine, which was the previous record holder. The vaccines have killed over 150,000 Americans and permanently disabled even more… For kids, it is estimated that we kill 117 kids for every COVID death we prevent.

The Pfizer six-month trial showed the drug can save one life for every 22,000 people vaccinated. It also appeared from the trial that the drug killed more people than it saved (there were 20 deaths in the treatment group versus 14 in placebo after unblinding). So we are “saving” fewer than 10,000 lives at the expense of over 150,000 deaths. In short, we kill 15 people to save one...

They can’t admit that they missed the signals now because that would be an admission they missed them before. So they will try to discredit this article with ad hominem attacks (this is a technique used to win an argument when you cannot win on the evidence).

What we have is a pandemic of liars and truth benders who won’t admit they got it wrong – one of the deadliest mistakes in modern history.




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