Israeli Doctor: Pfizer Vaccine Didn’t Stop 4th Corona Wave. Vaccines are not working in the world’s most vaccinated nation!

Israeli Doctor: Pfizer Vaccine Didn’t Stop 4th Corona Wave. Vaccines are not working in the world’s most vaccinated nation!

And the “Green Passport” is effectively useless for preventing transmission since vaccinated people are being infected. Report from Israel Today, November 1,2021

Israel’s PM Naftali Bennett says Israel is  “defeating” the fourth wave of coronavirus infections. The government of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett believes this  due to its aggressive vaccination campaign and  restrictions like the “Green Passport.”

But not all the experts agree.

Dr. Raya Liebowitz is the head of Oncology at Shamir Medical Center and  a member of the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University.

She thinks that Bennett and his government are wrong, and that neither the vaccines nor  green passports can be credited with bringing Israel any closer to normalcy. If anything, she says those measures worsened the crisis.

Bennett has been  aggressive in demanding Israelis get“fully” vaccinated.

In an op-ed for Israel’s N12 news, Dr. Leibowitz stressed that “the Corona infection waves are not affected by the vaccine and cannot be prevented. This fact has been proven beyond any doubt with the advent of the fourth wave after most of the population had already been vaccinated.”

There was therefore “no reason to assume that giving a booster shot would alter the parameters” and prevent a future wave of infections

She said  the Covid-19 (experimental!)vaccine can reduce severe side effects from coronavirus infections, and  should be administered to the elderly and those with existing illnesses. But she said  “its toxicity-benefit ratio in young adults has not yet been determined, and people should not be pressured to take the vaccine, let alone feel forced to do so.”

But the Green Passport program is aimed at doing just that, compelling Israelis to get the “jab.” Alan adds: This has meant our five Israeli grandchildren atre cut off from normal society and cannot go to school, sports centres, cafes or the library.

Dr. Leibowitz says this is both medically and morally wrong.

“Vaccinated people can and are being infected, so having a Green Passport won’t affect the dynamics of the infection wave. It creates a false sense of security, while being ineffective as a measurement of a person’s ability to infect others,” she explained. “But it does frustrate the public by creating segregation and social divisions.”

 If a vaccinated person can still carry and transmit COVID-19, then what’s the point of the Green Passport?

As for vaccinating young children against COVID-19, which Israel is keen to do after the FDA granted emergency approval, Dr. Leibowitz is opposed.

Since children are not prone to the complications experienced by the elderly, and since we now know the vaccine can’t and won’t eradicate the coronavirus, she doesn’t see a need to vaccinate the 5-11 age group.

“COVID-19 is not a serious concern among young children, nor has vaccination of children shown to prevent serious complications related to Corona, as the vaccine does not prevent infection,” the doctor stated.

At the same time, “no one knows what are the long-term implications of receiving multiple booster vaccines over a lifetime. The vaccine is not without side effects in any age group.”

The next wrong step is to vaccinate young children, but that’s where many Israelis  draw the line.

Chasing the latest vaccine will always  leave us a step behind, Dr. Leibowitz emphasized. Like the flu, COVID-19 is mutating, with each new infection wave caused by a new strand that is at least partially resistant to our current vaccines.

“It’s like preparing for a war that’s already happened,” she writes, continuing:

“As with any viral disease, recovery from COVID-19 confers deeper and longer-lasting immunity than that conferred by a pharmacological vaccine. Thus, at a strategic level – an increase in the percentage of recoverers will increase the ‘immunity depth’ in the population.”

AF COMENTS:Of course, wilfully ignorant leaders round the world are demanding people take the “jabs” despite the hundreds of thousands of deadly after affects and deaths happening round the world, although only a fraction are reported due to the complexity of the reporting scheme. But many people are now hearing from friends and relatives of serious after effects from the jab- not Covid! Don’t take this deadline non  vaccine if you value your health or, in the case of women, your fertility.



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