You are being re-set -the astounding details are in this article. By Alan Franklin

Civilization is being “reset” and everything from farming to finance is being transformed by those determined to bring in the New World Order.

Dictators ride in on the back of economic chaos, which is now being created via organisations like The World Economic Forum, which sets much of the agenda.

 We are fast heading for global government backed by a one world religion, all electronic buying and selling and control of education (which is now more like indoctrination).  

The attempt to abolish sexual differences and even gender itself is aided by control of  the main means of expression and news access. No non-mainstream views are allowed on big media, so forget challenging anything from evolution to the man-made climate change myth.  Free speech is history.

 Globalist advocates love a crisis – or several, to justify drastic action.

  • You panic people.

  • The  world is being  told there are only “global solutions”

  • Young people are already brainwashed into thinking “we must save the planet.”

  • A green global religion will come in with the New World Order.
  • Henry Kissinger and Bill Gates were featured on something called a TED talk agreeing that “we must get the world population down to 500 million.” Gates then says vaccines can be part of the process.  This talk has now been removed from the web.
  • The current world population is almost eight billion so a lot of us have to be culled one way or another.


The Scamdemic- the false panic about Covid 19, which for most people who get it amounts to little more than the flu, enabled  governments to stop most normal activities, including going to school and work.  Instead we had to keep six feet apart from everyone else and breathe through the dangerous blue masks, which limit oxygen intake by 20 per cent. The world economy has been crippled by the lockdowns.


One lady of 100 in our church had several life threatening ailments and wanted to be with her Lord. She got Covid, died in a week and that was put down as the cause of death. Do not believe the figures and also do not believe that the so-called “jabs” are safe.


There is ample evidence from medical sources that so-called vaccinations can bring on  blood clots, causing heart attacks in many young athletes and others. Ask jabbed people you talk to and you will find some with assorted health trouble, from brain problems to menstrual difficulties. A friend of ours had her health severely affected by the first jab.


Meanwhile farmers are being hammered in the fake cause of ‘saving the planet.”


Farmers feed the world, so they are under attack to ensure world food shortages and famine. Because “Nature” is now worshipped due to mass scientific ignorance, the   European Union  says emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia, which livestock produce, must be drastically reduced close to nature areas that are part of a network of protected habitats for “endangered plants and wildlife” stretching across the 27-nation European Union.


Over 40,000 farmers gathered  in the central Netherlands’ agricultural heartland to protest at the government's plan to slash emissions of what they call “damaging pollutants,” which will likely force farmers to cut their livestock herds or stop work altogether.


When people are discouraged from meeting in person, with most activities being done online, including medical consultations in the UK , the results are:


  • Far less human contact as people are encouraged to join a virtual world-the Metaverse.
  • Fewer opportunities to meet and talk with real people due to all manner of obstacles and restrictions “for our own good.”
  • “We The Sheeple” have mostly gone along with all the claptrap and propaganda.
  • Meanwhile the so-called mainstream church is more interested in gender bending and recycling..


Expect food shortages and violence.

Pensions, health care and even social security are at risk.

Christians will have to trust the Lord and help one another.

 Maranatha- come quickly Lord Jesus.

 Now watch my filmed presentation, full of  astonishing picturers, which YouTube censors thought was too hot to handle and banned.Now watch it on Rumble and please, spread all this information and these links far and wide round all your contacts as we may soon be taken down.We tell the truth and  that is just what the global elite don't want you to know.

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