The “Extinction Rebellion” protestors’ biggest donor owns a £630 million stake in Heathrow Airport!- by Alan Franklin

Here’s an interesting   fact for the deluded folk who think “climate change” is anything to do with man.

The biggest donor to the absurdly named “Extinction Rebellion” which has been disrupting the lives of Londoners trying to get to work,is a billionaire who has a £630 million stake in Heathrow Airport, among other airport interests..

The facts come, not from the internet rumour mill but The Sunday Telegraph, where it was tucked away in the business section on October 20.

The story was headed “Green hedgie buys Heathrow stake” and began: SIR CHRISTOPHER HOHN, the hedge fund billionaire who this month revealed that his was the biggest individual donation to Extinction Rebellion, has quietly built a €730m (£630m) stake in the owner of Heathrow Airport.

“Spreading stakes across a number of Investment companies, Sir Christopher as been able to keep a near-4pc position in Spanish
construction and services behemoth Ferrovial under wraps. His investment raises the prospect of audacious raid on one of the world‘s biggest infrastructure companies.

“Personally and through his charity The Children‘s Investment Fund Foundation, Sir Christopher has donated £200,000 to the activists‘ cause on account of the ”urgent need• for people to wake up to climate change.

“The Extinction Rebellion movement, which organised mass protests in c
entral London this month, has targeted airports with one activist gluing himself to the top of a BA jet at London City airport. A shutdown of Gatwick was called off after a backlash to violent scenes between campaigners and commuters on the Tube.

“Sir Christopher, Britain‘s seventh-biggest taxpayer, has a reputation for concentrating his multibillion-pound portfolio in a small number of firms.

“He is well-versed in airports, as one of three cornerstone investors in Spanish airports group Aena, which owns Luton airport and floated in 2015.

“The aviation sector has come under increasing pressure as "flight-shaming" - a movement that aims to make air travel socially
unacceptable due to its carbon footprint - gathers momentum.

“The International Air Transport Association (IATA) last week warned such environmental concerns could weigh on the growth of the airline industry.”


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