At last - a leading Israeli minister wants to stop Covid claptrap ruining the country.

Israel is the world's most vaccinated ountry and the Prime Minister, Naftala Bennett,  has been obnoxious enough to call those with the sense to refuse the deadly clot shots "worse than war criminals." Now his Finance Minister disagrees, saying that he wants to get rid of the restrictions like the Green Pass to get into stores, cafes etc due to the harm, being done to society in many ways.

Israel's Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman (we think he was one who took the fourth vaccination jab snd five days later caught Omicron) has called for an end to the widespread usage of the “Green Pass” proof of COVID vaccination to enter certain locations.

“There is no medical or epidemiological logic in the Green Pass, many experts agree,” says Liberman. “There is, however, direct harm to the economy, to daily operations and a not insignificant contribution to daily panic among the public.”

Liberman says he is working with “all the authorities” in order to get rid of the Green Pass and “maintain a normal life routine for all of us.



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