Disney pays the price for promoting perversion

Disney is in trouble. The stock has plummeted and CEO Bob Chapek has been fired. 

Chapek was one of the main crusaders responsible for Disney's woke agenda and the incorporation of LGBTQ+ ideology across their products.  Robert Iger has returned to the helm for another 2 years.

We now have a historic opportunity to remind Iger of how wokeism damages Disney and alienates families - their core customers. Walt Disney founded the company to make wholesome films for children and families. Their recent rotten output has been boycotted by people like us- good!

Sign the petition to tell Robert Iger to remove LGBTQ+ ideology from Disney and restore trust in the brand.

SIGN THE PETITION  this is compiled by an organisation I support called Together. It fights for Christian values and against nonsense like Covid lockdowns.

 Thanks to the  support  of millions of sensible people over the years, Disney  is paying the price for corrupting our children with LGBTQ+ content in its movies! 

 Disney has seen its stock price plummet since Bob Chapek took charge of the company in 2021. Within the first two months of his taking over, Disney’s stock plunged a staggering 40% with losses further compounded by a more than $10 billion deficit incurred during the pandemic.


As a result of  Disney’s financial collapse, Bob Chapek was fired. Robert Iger is right now taking over the company again for two years, until they find a successor. 


But if we thought the war against the giant Disney is over, we would be making a terrible mistake!


Robert Iger is likely more Woke that Bob Chapek… But he is also a business man and knows how dangerous for Disney finances is to go against the families, grooming children, and being the ideological servant of the LGBTQ+ lobbies. 

Sign NOW and remind Robert Iger, newly appointed CEO of Disney, he must return to the family values instead of being the ruinous factory of LGBTQ+ indoctrination that it is now.

We have a historic opportunity… Take action NOW!

Thanks for everything readers round the world do to help protect decency and true family values,

Caroline Farrow and the entire CitizenGO Team

P.S. Please, share this petition with your family and friends. To give the final blow to Disney and face the rich and powerful LGBT lobbies, we have to raise our voices together.



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