Israel, Islam and the media -time to wake up! by Tony Pearce

I attended an 'Israel and the Media' debate at Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue. I am an evangelical Christian who supports Israel and I picked up the vibe that most people present were not too pleased with how the Jewish community had responded to Israel's war with Hezbollah.

A couple of things struck me which made a connection in my mind. 1.In the bio of Melanie Phillips she was credited with being the author of 'All Must Have Prizes' but not of 'Londonistan.' I have not read 'All Must Have Prizes' but I have read 'Londonistan' and written a review of it for two Christian journals. It is a brilliant book which accurately focuses on what we are up against and is wholly relevant to the subject under discussion, so I wondered why it was not mentioned.

As a point of interest we have started a monthly 'Israel Forum' meeting at our church and I invited a speaker along from en Novick) who went down well with our congregation. Could I suggest that it is because of the issues raised in 'Londonistan' that pro-Israel activists have a hard time getting their message across and that we need to address these issues which are crucial to both Israel's situation in the Middle East and our situation here in Europe.

If we don't it does not matter how many organisations we set up we will end up being defeated. The problem is that addressing these issues is both risky and dangerous, as it involves exposing the Islamic agenda. Incredibly we are reaching a situation here in Britain where to speak negatively about any aspect of Islam may not even be legal if our government carries on down the road of appeasement to the demands of the Muslim Council.

Briefly put, the issue is this. The problem Israel has with Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas (and to a certain extent with the entire Muslim world) is not just a political issue but one which involves spiritual forces which are also confronting us here in Europe. It is about the Islamic desire to dominate.

Our politically correct leaders often tell us that Islam means peace. Actually it does not. Islam means submission. If you submit you get peace,if not you get jihad. In fundamentalist Islam, the area of the world where Islam rules is called the 'Dar al Islam' (House of Islam). The rest of the world is called the 'Dar al Harb' (House of the Enemy). The ultimate goal of the jihad is the conversion of the Dar al Harb into the Dar al Islam.

Submission means that the pagans convert to Islam and the Jews and Christians are allowed to continue their communities as 'people of the book'but also as 'dhimmis'. In effect this means they become second class citizens who acknowledge the supremacy of Islam in society and pay the 'jizya' poll tax to the Muslims as 'protected peoples' You don't have to look far to see the relevance of this to what is Happening in the Middle East and Europe.

From the point of view of Islam the establishment of the State of Israel in what they consider the Dar al Islam is a reversal of the march of history in which a dhimmi people (the Jews)assert power over Muslims. This is seen as an insult to Islam which is nowmade worse by armies from (supposedly) Christian countries operating in the Middle East.

To reverse this Israel must be defeated and armies from the west driven out of the Middle East. Of course the jihadis also wish to overthrow the Arab regimes which are not considered true representatives of Islam. At the same time Islam must become dominant in the west also. Using the threat of terrorism, Islamic forces in the west are seeking to intimidate the rest of society and restrict freedom of speech, so that it becomes more and more difficult to criticise Islam or condemn what is happening in Islamic countries or even debate and discuss the ideas of Islam.

In previous administration  very nearly passed a bill which would have made it a criminal offence to make a negative statement about Islam. This would actually mean the beginning of non Muslims accepting a 'dhimmi' status here in Britain. In Londonistan Melanie Phillips shows the main reasons why this catastrophe is happening in Britain.

1.The government permitting radical Islamists to settle in Britain and use it as a base for their operations. 2.The collapse of Christian influence in Britain with church leaders apologising for their faith and abandoning Biblical principles so creating a spiritual vacuum which Islam is able to exploit. 3.The alliance of leftist forces with Muslims.

Reasons for this are support of the Palestinians as an oppressed people and opposition to the USA. Another major issue which Melanie does not deal with in her book, but which I have addressed in a book I have written called 'The House built on the Sand' is the world's dependency on Middle East oil. All of these issues are of course relevant to most of Europe as well as Britain.

Israel is the front line of the Islamic jihad and the opposition to Israel has learnt how to use the media skilfully to get its point across.Unfortunately most of the media (especially TV) is in the hands of the left leaning intelligentsia which sympathises with the plight of the Palestinians and fails to put across the whole picture.

Therefore we need to have a fight back from those concerned for Israel's need of self defence, both in military terms and in the media. As a Christian I am concerned to see the truth going out in the media and therefore wish to oppose the errors and deception which are now taking place over this issue. I speak at meetings around the country on this and allied issues and find there are many Christians who feel like minded but generally lack the information and expertise to take on the opposition.

As has been pointed out  there are people from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds who are waking up to these issues and sympathise with Israel's plight in the midst of the hostile Islamic world despite the negativity in the media. There are even many from the Muslim world itself who are disillusioned with Islam. The very last thing they would like to see is the Islamisation of Europe.

Apparently large numbers of young people in Iran itself are totally fed up with Islamic fundamentalism. There are actually quite a few issues which could be addressed on this subject not all directly relating to Israel but relevant. 1.The plight of non Muslim minorities in the Middle East. This should be a burning issue for Christians in the west who should be supporting their fellow Christians facing persecution for their faith.

The same people who seek the destruction of Israel also seek the suppression of Christianity. 2.The fact that the left - Muslim alliance is a marriage of convenience which cannot last. If the Muslim radicals had their way in society most leftists would be executed or in prison.

Muslims do not do too well under atheistic Communism either. 3.The fact that terrorism is a threat to all people (including >Muslims) who want to live in a peaceful open society. I would be interested in any ways we could cooperate to address these issues. Tony Pearce.

Tony is a fine Christian writer/speaker whose website is linked to ours. To contact him click on links and you will find his Light For The Last Days. Alan Franklin. Ps: Our book, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, has a chapter on Islamics in Europe. It can be ordered from this site. See our webshop.


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