News of another potentially harmful vaccine-this time it's Shingles. Opinion by Alan Franklin

 Be wary  of another potentially harmful vaccination- this time it’s for Shingles.

I never take up offers of so-called vaccinations. We refused the Covid jab and have remained in good health unlike vast numbers of people worldwide whose immune system was destroyed and they then fell ill or died from multiple adverse reactions. This truth is deadly to Big Pharma which makes untold millions from the vaccine industry.

We have heard from friends and contacts how everything from blood clots to still births have happened in far from normal numbers.

Bill Gates, the world’s most powerful vaccine promoter, said on a business news programme I watched; “invest in vaccines- you’ll make 20 times your money.”

Lies are told about existing vaccines. For example,  a poster in a medical surgery had this slogan “:Get a flu vaccine- it won’t make you get flu.” NOT TRUE!

Our  neighbours both had flu jabs and were ill with flu all over Christmas and the New Year.

Now the Shingles vax danger is reported in The Epoch Times which we subscribe to and which is a treasure trove of information the Lamestream Media never broadcasts.This is their contact information: Epoch Health UK []


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