Dr Edward Blick, scourge of the global warming hoaxers, has gone to his great reward - by Pat Franklin

One of the greatest men in America has died, Dr Edward Blick.  I have only just found out because, going through some old notebooks, I came across notes of a talk given by Dr Blick at a conference in Oklahoma City years ago. 

When I googled his name, I found out that on April 9, 2020, he went to his no doubt enormous reward, and I know this is true because he loved the Lord Jesus and was a faithful witness to the truth all of his adult life.

His talk in Oklahoma was electrifying and as soon as it was over, I made a beeline for the book tables and bought one of his books, ‘A Scientific Analysis of Genesis’.

Dr Blick was a scientist, engineer, professor, patriot, veteran, Bible teacher, beloved family man, and although I am not fit to write a single word about him, I am going to put that aside and give readers my notes here of his talk that day.

It was on the subject of global warming, which he called a ‘hoax’.  He said, ‘Driving your cars etc is not hurting, not warming up the atmosphere.’

He said the two bookends of the Bible, Genesis and Revelation, had been replaced with Darwinism instead of Genesis and global warming catastrophism instead of the judgements of the Book of Revelation.

‘CO2 is not the gas of death,’ he said, ‘It’s the gas of life!’

‘Plants breathe in CO2 and breathe out oxygen.  We breathe in oxygen, breathe out Co2.

‘Idiots make CO2 the bad guy, when we need CO2 for plant life.

‘The U.N. and Al Gore are idiots.  Now there are trillions of dollar laws in the pipeline for problems that do not exist!’

He referred to a chart showing the Medieval Warm Period from 900AD to 1300AD, when the Vikings had farms and grew grapes in Greenland, which is now an icy waste.

Then in about 1350 came a mini Ice Age.  He said that solar activity and cosmic rays drive the temperature, not human activity. 

And he said that there were estimated to be 38,000 billion tons of CO2 in the oceans, and as the atmosphere warms up, the CO2 starts coming out of the oceans into the air.

He said Americans were lied to about this subject, and a reign of terror had been unleashed in the scientific community against any scientist who questioned global warming.    Some were fired from their jobs or smeared as pseudo scientists, with their funding cut off.

There was now a new cultish religion:

  1. The deity was the earth ‘goddess’ Gaia

  2. Sin was the use of fossil fuels

  3. Wages of sin was global disaster

  4. Redemption was carbon offsets

  5. The new Temple was the U.N.

He said schools were not bastions of knowledge any more, but of leftist thought.

One solution put forward by some for the non-existent danger was ‘no more children’.

Global warming was junk science, but any scientist courageous enough to say that became the target of a witch hunt.

‘Scientists have had death threats because of these theories.’

He called Al Gore a ‘false prophet of global warming’ and said that in 2007, when Mr Gore was receiving environmental awards, there were record low temperatures across America.

He said magnetic waves warm up the earth, and the CO2 theory did not make any sense.  He claimed that the U.N. had falsified global temperatures by using figures from ‘heat islands’ ( like using temperatures taken at the ends of airport runways or city centres where there are large areas of concrete storing heat).

And he cited mud cores drilled 5000 feet in Canada which showed  dramatic changes in temperature caused by the sun.  A 62 year slice in the mud core 4400 years ago showed a change from a warm, dry, sunny climate to cold and rainy for several decades.  (which perfectly concurs with the biblical account of Noah’s Flood)

Dr Blick remarked that the sun to the earth was like a basketball to a pinhead.

Those are most of my notes from that Oklahoma talk.  I looked through our ‘creation section’ in the bookshelves and found our copy of Dr. Blick’s book, and googled it, and saw there were a few still out there which you can buy if you’re quick!  Well worth the money, dear friends!

Now, of course, global warming has morphed into ‘climate change’ and the witch hunt even extends to car makers, some of whom are in jail.

Some tears have been shed in the writing of this article, remembering that conference, put on by our friends at Southwest Radio Church in Oklahoma City, the warm fellowship with so many Christians there, some of them now knowing firsthand the bliss of heaven in the presence of the King of kings, the Lord Jesus Christ.

What a privilege to have been there that day, to know such people, what an honour, and so undeserved.   And what an honour to be able to share Dr. Blick’s words with all of you. 

How much has happened since then, terrible things, continuing decline, as per Romans 1. 

But, you know what?  These are the days God put us in, and we have got to push on, finish the work He has set before us, telling the gospel to as many people as we can possibly reach. 

Every day I ask the Lord to give me some way of giving Him glory.  Maybe this article is the way today; certainly it has been watered with a lot of tears.  I am thinking of Dr Blick’s Christian family; what sorrow to lose such a man; what joy to know you will see him again in the presence of the King.

And if any of you out there do not know Jesus, oh my, don’t wait a moment longer!    Maybe you have no faith at all.  If not, here is a sample prayer:  ‘Lord Jesus, if You are real, I want to know You!  I want to belong to You!  Please come into my life and heart if You are real!’  He’s real, all right.

He died so that you can be forgiven of all your sins.  He took all the punishment on Himself on the cross, for every bad thing you have ever done, said or thought.  God could not just overlook our sins; every one of them has to be paid for, punished, and Jesus took all that punishment. 

Every time you got drunk, every time you stole anything, every lie you ever told, every sin you ever sinned – Jesus took the lashes on His back; He took the nails in His hands; He took the thorns in His scalp.  For you.  And for me.

If you confess your sins (to Him, not to some priest), He is faithful and just to forgive you and cleanse you.  (1 John 1:9) 

You are free to reject Jesus and His wondrous offer of forgiveness.  Most do.  I did until I was 36, at which age I got on my knees and literally begged Him to forgive me, to cleanse me, to make me one of His people. 

That is the prayer He will always answer, always forgiving everyone who comes to Him in real repentance. 



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