Little Dorothy and the lightning bolt

Dorothy is a beloved member of the small church we attend in England.  She was only nine when her mother died.  It was a  Sunday and Dorothy was all ready to run to Sunday School.  Her mother had been sick for a long time, and as Dorothy was about to run out of the door, her father said:  ‘Don’t forget to say goodbye to your mother.’

She ran back to where her mother was lying in bed and cheerfully said:  ‘Goodbye’ and kissed her.

When she got home, her father and other relatives were sitting in the kitchen looking very sombre.  Her dad said:  ‘Dorothy, your mother has gone to be with Jesus today.’

He said Dorothy was to stay with her aunt for a few days, and so it was. 

She said she changed, and as she grew up, often had the attitude:  ‘I don’t care.’  ‘I can do it.’

When she was 12, she was taken to Wembley Stadium in London to hear an American evangelist.

She said:  ‘I remember him saying that when Jesus comes back it will be like the lightning, from the east to the west.  Just then, a lightning bolt crashed across the sky! 

‘Our seats were high up, and I just jumped  up out of my seat and ran  down lots of steps as fast as I could go.  I knew the preacher was going to invite people to come down, and I wanted to make sure I got there as soon as I could!

‘My life changed that night.  Jesus came into my heart.’

Dorothy is now in her 70s and has been used by the Lord Jesus in most remarkable ways which one day I might put on this website.  Failing that, you will hear all about it in Heaven!  (If you, like Dorothy, belong to the Lord.)

Her most remarkable achievement I cannot relate, as it affects other people, but I happened to be there once when  she was moving house.  One of the removal men had heard part of her history and asked her,  ‘Are you an angel?’  She just laughed. 

One thing I can tell is that when our small fellowship was given an old church building, Dorothy volunteered to take on the job of running a coffee morning once a week and also looking after the sign outside. 

Her coffee morning is probably unique.  Every week there is a word, chosen the week before, and the handful of people who come all bring a scripture containing that word.  The word this week is ‘delight’ and it will be a delight to hear the scriptures people have chosen.

Before we get to the scriptures, there is quite a bit of singing and some praying.  Oh yes, forgot to say, coffee as well!

So where do you find scriptures containing whatever word is chosen?  I always go to the Blue Letter Bible website and put the word in.  Immediately every scripture in the Bible containing that word is listed.  We have it so easy now! 

So there we are, one little story about one of Jesus ‘ little people, unnoticed, almost anonymous people,  serving Him faithfully day by day.  On the day the Lord makes up His jewels, I wonder what Dorothy will receive.  

I always think of her as Little Dorothy, but not in any demeaning way, because she has a great soul.  And I know she wouldn’t want me to write that either!

I have a nice picture of her, but of course the tech gremlins are trying to block it, so I will put these words on and hope to get the picture on later. 

Maybe some reader out there needs a lightning bolt to energize them to run to Jesus as Dorothy did.  I can’t supply that, but hope that someone will see this and open their heart  while there is still time.

A sample prayer:  Lord Jesus, please come into my heart too!




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Revelation 22:12

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