So many signs all around us! Are you ready to meet the King of kings? by Pat Franklin

 Everybody ready to go?  It can’t be long now until the Lord calls us home.  So many signs.  Listening to Dr McGee’s Through the Bible this week in the Book of Acts chapter 15 he talks about the program of God, the timeline of history.  It talks about God calling people out of the Gentiles and  says ‘after this I will return’ verse16 and deal with the Jewish people .   Wow.  There it is again – He’s coming, folks!  Be ready!

Of course we don’t know the day nor the hour, as Jesus told us, but we sure know the season and we are there.  He told us to watch and be ready. 

How do you get ready?  First you have to be a believer,  believing that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for all your sins and mine, that He was buried and rose to life after 3 days.  That is in the gospels and over 500 witnesses in that era saw Jesus after the resurrection.  It is a fact of history.

If you are a believer you will be doing something to get this message out, if only by telling your family members, but hopefully a lot more than that. You should be supporting some gospel effort in some way, by prayers or financial support perhaps.  You want to have something to present when you stand before the King of kings!

Watch Christ in Prophecy on Daystar to hear intelligent discussions of the signs of our times.  Listen to Dr Mcgee go verse by verse throught the Bible or Chuck Smith's verse by verse from the Calvary Chapel he founded, CCCM podcasts.  All free.    They are with the Lord now. 

Or listen to the good ones alive now like Brandon Holthouse, Rock Harbour Church.

Good teaching is not hard to find in these last days, but the 'night is coming when no man can work' (John 9:4 referring to the Great Tribulation), and hopefully we will be taken out before that hits.  Whether you agree with this or think we will have to stand through at least some of the Tribulation, the way forward is the same - faith and trust in the Savior, our wonderful Lord Jesus, and trying in some way to give Him glory each day. 




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Galatians 2:11

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