The climate clowns setting the world’s agenda. By Alan Franklin.

When you see so-called “environmental protestors” making life as difficult as possible for those, seemingly unlike them, who have work to do, you wonder why they believe one of history’s greatest hoaxes. Man-made climate change.

Fact: When: Al Gore came out with predictions of pending disaster scenarios, none of which proved accurate, the threat was dubbed “Global Warming.”

Since then, as it has become quite obvious that there is no such thing, the climate fantasy artists have changed to predicting “Climate Change.” That covers all bases. They can’t be wrong now, as the world’s climate has changed a great deal in recorded history.

We have a chapter in our book, Cults and Isms: True or False?, exposing this and other claptrap. Here’s an extract – the book is fact packed and for the truth that cuts through the propaganda you can get a copy from the web shop on this site:

Global Non -Warming and the Big Green Lie Machine

by Alan Franklin.

“Concerning the weather, there is no way to win with the Global Warming ideologues. If it is exceptionally cold, it is due to GW. If it is exceptionally warm, it is due to GW. If it is exceptionally dry, it is due to GW. If it is exceptionally wet, it is due to GW. If it is windy, it is due to GW. If it is calm, it is due to GW. It is ideological rather than scientific -- just like evolution.” –Dr David Reagan, host of Lamb and Lion Ministries and presenter of Christ in Prophecy.

Global warming enthusiasts brook no contradiction. Ignoring all the “inconvenient truths” that refute their claims, they suppress scientific views that challenge them and howl “heresy” if ever a TV program circumvents the censors and tries to challenge their nonsense. For it is a faith being challenged - a false faith: green fundamentalism.

The global warming theory in a nutshell is this:  the earth is warming up as a result of a build-up of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere, caused by people, and that the warming will increase catastrophically, endangering life on earth – and that hence, we must cut carbon emissions. 

More than 31,400 scientists around the world, over 9,000 of them Phds,  signed a document saying that this is not true.[1] The United Nations, on the other hand, believes in global warming to the uttermost, and claims there is a “scientific consensus” on it.

I remember, back in the 1980s, watching TV films with graphics showing London under many feet of ice, with the towers of the Houses of Parliament peeking out over ice floes on the Thames. The scare then - also untrue - was “the coming ice age.”

On November 23, 1992, Newsweek magazine in the USA announced: “The advent of a new ice age, scientists say, appears to be guaranteed” and “the devastation will be astonishing.” The claptrap certainly is. 

In fewer than ten years the tune changed to the world becoming a vast, hot desert. The media and the establishment, scientific and political, were emphatic about the prospect of a new ice age, as they are now about the prospect of the temperature rising.  

Any scare will do, it seems, and most people –and especially the dimwitted media - take it all as fact. Of course, Britain did have a little ice age in the 17th century, with dire effects on food production.

Climate does change and in Roman times there were vineyards in northern England. The heat was unlikely to have been caused by too many ox-carts….

Here’s a prediction, published in the Sun newspaper in September of this year, 2019: “Britain will be hit with its coldest winter in 30 years as the Beast from the East returns with temperatures of -14C, forecasters have warned.

“A freezing jet stream is expected to sweep across the UK in January 2020 - settling in across the country for weeks.

“The Beast from the East covered large parts of the UK in snow in 2018

The predictions were made in one of the first long-range UK weather forecasts ever attempted.

“One of the areas expected to be worst-hit by the arctic jet is The Midlands - with the weather bringing with it a blanket of snow in (as covered much of the UK in 2018.)

“The team, led by Mark Saunders, a professor of climate prediction at University College London, told The Sunday Times: "This would rank the 2020 January-February central England temperature as the coldest winter since 2013.

"It would also rank January-February 2020 as the seventh coldest winter in the past 30 years."

Watch out for “Global (non!) Warming” to revert to “The New Ice Age”!  Better go out and buy lots of 4 x 4s to heat things up...

So, “Climate Change” is clearly true, although silly little teenage girls from Sweden won’t be able to stop it, despite being accorded world VIP status.

Here are some hilarious predictions made by “climate experts”  - excuse me while I snigger...

This is taken from a column in News With Views, a website I often read. Follow this link to read the full, superb article:

“The Global Warming scam is the greatest hoax on the world since Obama was shoehorned into the Oval Office. And take a look at some actual news descriptions regarding “climate change.” Wow, talk about contradictions: Here they are:

1970: “We’ll Be In An Ice Age by 2000 !”
1976: “Global Cooling Will Cause a World War by 2000 !”
1989: “Global Warming And Rising Sea Levels Will Wipe Entire Nations Off the Map by 2000 !”
1990: “We Have Five To Ten Years To Save The Rainforests !”
1999: “The Himalayan Glaciers Will Be Gone in Ten Years !”
2000: “Snow Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past !”
2007: “Global Warming Will Cause Fewer Hurricanes !”
2008: “The Arctic Will Be Ice-Free by 2013 !”
2012: “Global Warming Will Cause More Hurricanes !”
2014 “The Science Is Settled ! ”

I will return to this theme!



[1] See  


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