Why do Islamics behead and enslave people? Because of the Koran. They are not "a peaceful religion."

There's a media myth that there are "Islamic extremists" and "moderate Islamics." The only reason some Muslims don't run around attacking infidels is that they mostly don't bother to read the words of Mohammed - or they don't take them seriously. Those that do set out to impose their brutal rule on the world. This summary is from The Berean Call.

JIHADI RHETORIC: TIRESOME BUT DEADLY: I just spent the better part of the day reading and listening to sermons by the leaders and jihadis of the new "caliphate" in Mesopotamia, the Islamic State (formerly "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria"). I did so in the vain hopes of learning something "new."

But it was absolute déjà vu-taking me back to a decade ago, when I was reading and translating the Arabic writings and speeches of al-Qaeda leaders Osama bin Laden and Ayman Zawahiri, as collated in The Al Qaeda Reader.  

Consider for instance the following opening words of a recently released short video from the Islamic State titled, "There is No Life Without Jihad": "If you wish to know the way to glory and power, to goodness, security and joy, you must learn that there are no rights without jihad, no justice without jihad, no dignity without jihad, no security without jihad, no future without jihad, no life without jihad, no life without jihad."

After this rather hackneyed opening, one Abu Muthana, a jihadi from Britain, appears quoting some more of the usual Koran verses, hadiths, and ulema, in this case, Imam Qurtubi, who wrote that "jihad gives life."  Finally he summarizes the goal of the jihad - in case anyone is still not sure - namely, to fight until "the law [Sharia] of Allah is implemented and the caliphate restored."

Alan adds: This wrIter gets it right - some jihadis are "from Britain" as, unfortunately, they live here. It angers me when the press describes these homicidal maniacs as "British." They are NOT British just because they have wormed their way into my country,  or even been born here to Islamic immigrants we were idiotic enough to allow in. Their allegiance is to Islam - the real Islam that commands them to kill every Jew on earth, which is what Hamas is always attempting.

If one turns to the speeches of other Islamic and jihadi groups around the world - from the African groups such as Boko Haram (Nigeria) and al-Shabaab (Somalia), to Asian groups such as Abu Sayyaf (Philippines) and the Islamic Movement (Uzbekistan) - it's the same thing, same themes, same scriptures, same quotations, same exhortations, same condemnations.  Only their temporal circumstances and vicissitudes of victory or defeat differ.

While the Western mentality, so used to seeing and hearing about the "latest" or "newest" fad, may deem the Islamist approach as static or insipid, it is, quite the contrary, immensely effective for its purposes, and thus dangerous. Consider: It's the same exact message - of supremacism, hate, and violence, capped off with divine sanctioning - repeated over and over again, from a myriad of sources and organizations, all of which claim authority.

One can think of few better ways to brainwash and indoctrinate young and impressionable minds - to the point that they eagerly embrace death, including through suicide (AKA "martyrdom operations").

Indeed, and has been demonstrated repeatedly, such jihadi rhetoric is regularly used in mosques all throughout Europe and America - explaining why an inordinate amount of jihadis in Syria and Iraq, such as Abu Muthana,  the aforementioned "Brit," are in fact from the West.

If the jihadis, like parrots, are forever repeating each other - and compelling other parrots to join them - Western leaders and politicians, like ostriches, are forever sticking their heads in the sand, lest they acknowledge the cacophony of hate surrounding them, and us.


Alan concludes: Arm yourself with the facts! Our books, available from the web shop on this site, set the scene for what is happening, with their focus on Bible prophecy coming true in the news headlines - and also exposing cults, isms and false faiths - like Islam.


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