Don't just eat insect burgers- eat each other!

Bill Gates, the man with zero qualifications who has been proclaimed in some media as “the world’s most influential doctor” is one of the mega-rich elite bent on changing the world’s diet so we are being urged to eat weird, unnatural foods like insect burgers instead of real meat.

Gates, who is behind much that is happening in the world, was on a business TV channel recently promoting insect burgers and other “beyond meat” products.

Unfortunately for Gates most consumers have a natural resistance to this garbage pseudo “food” and many voted with their wallets not to buy it, a trend reported in both the USA and UK on business news outlets.

The Motley Fool website reported in September 2021 that a report from Bloomberg (business news) suggested that fast food chains are pulling back on the whole idea of fake meat. Meanwhile, sales at retail outlets are tumbling. Beyond Meat reported a 14.3% drop in U.S. retail sales for the second quarter.

In his new book Gates says using regulation to force a shift to synthetic meat is only one of a wide range of government policies that will ultimately be needed to avoid a “climate disaster.”Please note the word “force.”

There is, of course, no man-made climate change as is easily proved by looking at records over recorded time.We have a chapter on this in our Cults and Isms book headed :"The BIg Green Lie Machine"

After initial market hype, plant based ‘fake meat’ brands have run into headwinds in recent times including stock rating downgradesprice discounting to lift sales, and lawsuits over food safety standards.

 In response to his push for the developed world to replace beef with synthetic meat, which appears to have generated largely supportive media coverage around the world, a range of voices have responded on social media by urging Mr Gates, the largest owner of farmland in America, to spend more time researching the livestock sector.

Gates eats regular cheeseburgers by the “don’t do as I do, do as I tell you” could be his motto.

 One website full of good information, unlike any main media outlets, is Dr.Mercola.Here is one of his fact-checked recent comments, headlined:   Globalist Cabal Promotes Diet of Bugs — and Cannibalism said this:


  • The World Economic Forum envisions a food system that doesn’t include animal foods or require a large land footprint. In fact, for several years now, the WEF has promoted the idea that we should get used to eating bugs and drinking reclaimed sewage. Both are now being rolled out

  • In a July 2022 article, The New York Times took the WEF’s dystopian projections to a whole new level, announcing that the time to consider cannibalism is now upon us

  • Interpretation: The WEF and its allies are manufacturing food shortages, which in some areas may progress into actual famine, and they want you to know that when that time comes, it’s OK for you to eat your neighbor

  • In addition to a recent rash of books and TV shows that glorify cannibalism, there’s lab-grown human steak “art,” and vegan meat designed to taste like human flesh. In 2019, a Swedish professor also argued for cannibalism as a more sustainable alternative to eating bugs

  • You can read Dr. Mercola’s article in full here:


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