Covid cure talk taken off Youtube! - by Pat Franklin

Aug 6, 2021, and this morning I watched a dynamite half hour of Dr Chris Martenson  talking about Ivermectin, the Nobel winning anti viral, anti parasitic medicine which has been proven to both prevent and cure Covid.  Yes, prevents you getting it and cures you if you do get it.  It even cures the so-called long haulers!  Later in the day I went to look it up to show Alan.  Surprise, surprise, it’s gone!

Dr Martenson pulls no punches, and said that he believes it is criminal to withhold Ivermectin from patients. 

I started hearing about Ivermectin early in the UK lockdowns, and have been trying to tell people here about it ever since. 

But now, a year later, with many studies confirming the efficacy of Ivermectin, STILL no one in the UK is talking about it. 

Nothing about it on the BBC, but then you would not expect the Biased Broadcasting Corporation to do much other than collect the outrageous tax every person here has to pay to support them.  About  $200 each!

I told a foot surgeon recently that Ivermectin cured Covid.  He wrote it down, had never heard of it.  Ditto my dentist.  Some people just look blank, like you’re speaking a foreign language. 

I mentioned it on the phone the other day and the phone went dead.  Battery was fine; I checked.

When the good old National Health Service phoned us to make an appointment for the jab, I also tried to tell the person on the other end of the line.  She had never heard of Ivermectin, of course.  I just said, why would I want to get vaccinated when there is a cheap, quick cure? 

Most people cannot seem to grasp this point.  Maybe it’s a matter of IQ.  That is what one commentator said.  He may be right.

Anyway, look up Dr Chris Martenson.  After the Youtube takedown, he is trying to get his message out via a different route. 

Apparently India can supply Ivermectin tablets, but the UK may well block any you try to buy.

Meanwhile, look up, be watchful!  Your redemption is drawing near! Luke 21:28  The Lord Jesus really is coming for His church, folks, and we had better be ready.

How?  Ask Him to forgive you of any sin in your life and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness.  He will do it, and it is the only way to be ready.  1 John 1:9 Then just get on with whatever He wants you to do wherever you happen to be.

And, despite all this palaver, don't worry!  God is still  on the throne, and the Lord Jesus said to cast our cares on Him.  So we do that right now, dear Lord.


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