Exposed:The utterly biased lamestream media. Comment by Alan Franklin, plus top reporters revealing the unbiased truth about...bias.

Expect propaganda from your TV news, not true reporting. The world's main media is so utterly biased that Stalin and Goebbels could not have slanted the agenda more. Alan Franklin, who freelanced for every major newspaper and lots of radio and TV stations in Great Britain, looks at some uncomfortable truths.

Only one major media organisation in the USA acted as anything other than a propaganda arm of the Democratic campaign in the Presidential election. That was Fox News, where you got some alternate views more in line with those of many Americans other than the coastal elites, who run the media and vote Democrat. However, Fox has also gone downhill since Rupert Murdoch handed over control to his son.

Today’s TV news programs have more in common with television miniseries than with factual reporting, said New York Times op-ed columnist Frank Rich. And in Britain a former BBC reporter says the publicly funded corporation has a "culture of institutionalised leftism."

Alan writes: We first put some of this story on our website eight years ago. Since then things have got worse. I like Sarah Palin's description of big media as "the lamestream media."

  • Consider this: Have you EVER seen anyone on any TV program disputing the myth of "global warming," the great deception of the Big Green Lie Machine, as I call it in our books (which are truthful and available from this website!)


  • Have you EVER: Heard any commentator or character in a soap opera pointing out that homosexual activity leads to horrible deseases, incontinence, a shortened lifespan and a life of rampant promiscuity coupled with total misery?  Have you heard that homosexuals can change and become normal heterosexuals, as some I know who come to hear me speak have done? I thought not.

  • Have you EVER heard anyone on lamestream media thoroughly questioning the Obamanation's so-called "birth certficiate," which is an obvious forgery? Or asked why his Social Security number is another fraud and wasn't even accepted when he tried to log onto his own shambles of a healthcare website? Of course not.

  • Have you EVER heard anyone expose how far our God-given - not Government given - liberties were being snatched away by the utterly foul Obama regime, which regards the law as just something to be bent, held in contempt and circumvented, preferably when Congress is allegedly "not in session"?

  • Have you EVER heard it pointed out on the main news channels out that when a nation veers away from a Godly way of doing things, it starts to fall apart with great rapidity, as America and the United Kingdom are doing right now? Those who sow the wind reap the whirlwind. Even the so-called Christian channels are more interested in the bottom line than the Bible line.

  • Have you heard that when nations turn from supporting Irsael - as the USA and UK have now done at the United Nations, then judgement is certain to fall on them? God promised blessings for those who bless Israel- and a curse for those who are its enemies....


True, Fox News is slightly better than the rest. I also like CNBC for business news: If you follow the money and understand Bible prophecy it is not difficult to work out what happens next, as we did in our book "Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain.".

However, Fox has severe limitations. Some of its  commentators are  Catholic.  They have no real wisdom although sometimes their instincts are  right. There's a lot they don't say or, perhaps, dare to expose. Like The Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Freemasons and similar organisations. One can made an educated guess as to why not.

Pat and I worked in the media for decades as reporters, writers, sub-editors, editors and publishers. I know how it works. I was a freelance contibutor to all the major British newspapers and TV stations, doing this full time for years. This meant I had to know my market and get the news first, or we didn't pay the mortgage.

Freelances work by getting to know the angles that sell to different papers. I once hired a young reporter who formerly worked for the BBC, who also paid me a retainer every month for years and offered me a staff job, which I declined.

She said that she had never met anyone at the BBC - The Biased Broadcasting Corporation - to the right of the (British) Liberal Democrats, who are very left of center. With that mindset, you don't need a conspiracy in the sense of people plotting the news agenda. They all believe much the same thing anyway.

Most of the thousands of BBC journalists are recruited from the ultra leftie, politically correct Guardian newspaper, as was admitted to me in a letter many years ago from the then Director General.

He said that's where the jobs market for journos was, which tells a story. So, if you weren't reading this disgusting rag, which I always banned from our own newspaper offices, you wouldn't have seen the job adverts.

I greatly prefer The Wall Street Journal to all other newspapers, but in New York the New York Times, itself liberal in tone, is the biggest seller. Here's what their Frank Rich said: "TV News Is ‘Fictionalized’ .Today’s TV news programs have more in common with television miniseries than with factual reporting."

Rich, a New York Times op-ed columnist, continued: “What used to be truth has been replaced by something that looks like reality, but is often fictionalized,” Rich — a former theater critic — was speaking to a gathering at The Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach, Fla., on Jan. 30. 2007.

He said It all began with the highly successful 1977 miniseries “Roots,” which romanticized history, and that set the example for later distortions of the facts by CNN when it covered the first Gulf War as 24/7 entertainment, according to Rich, who called that coverage a “mediathon.”

“It made the Gulf War the first war in American history with its own theme music, its own logo, and a cast of, if not thousands, hundreds,” Rich said in remarks reported by the Palm Beach Daily News.

Because of a news blackout, actual journalism was scarce, and instead “experts came on and said whatever they wanted based on idle speculation and government officials came on and said whatever they wanted us to hear,” Rich told the gathering.

The evolution of news into entertainment — driven largely by the profit motive — and the distortion of facts to serve political ends “is not a Republican problem,” Rich added. “It’s a cultural problem. The Democrats are just as eager to take this entertainment-over-reality approach and exploit it.”

Meanwhile, the London DailyTelegraph featured a long article by Robin Aitken, who resigned as a BBC reporter. He is writing a book - provisionally called "Taking Sides - Bias at the BBC"- and this essentially is a trailer.

He spent his  career reporting for the BBC  and worked for the Today programme during the Iraq war. He planned to expose what he described as a culture of "institutionalised Leftism" at the corporation. He points to the extended honeymoon granted to New Labour and confronted John Birt, then BBC head, over it.

He also complained to another TV boss,Greg Dyke, and - at their request - submitted a dossier. His objections were shrugged off.

During the Lewinsky affair Aitken was in Washington and was critical of Clinton. --- "It would have gone down better of I'd confessed to being a paedophile". They love the UN and its "moral authority" .

The Ulster Unionists are anathema, being old-fashioned, religious and monarchist. An ex-IRA man told him on tape that the nationalist "martyr" Funucane, murdered by Loyalists was on the IRA council. The BBC refused to broadcast it.

The BBC also refuses ever to mention the disproportionate amount of street crime that is committed by black youths - not a "racist" comment but statistical fact. But nobody can police the tone of voice from presenters who"are supporters of further european integration" He was surprised at how many of his colleagues were active members of the Labour and LibDem parties.

Alan adds: The vast majority of the journalists I worked with were  left of center, perhaps due to the fact that more conservative-minded people gravitated towards science and engineering while the liberal arts crowd came into the media.

I was once a trade union activist, Father of the Chapel (trade union organiser) at a newspaper group and later Chairman of the Aldershot and Wey Valley branch of the National Union of Journalists. I even led a strike once, persuading around 35 journalists to walk out at our paper. Unfortunately the eleven or so who continued working managed to keep the papers coming out!

Because newspaper bosses tended to be muttonheads, you needed a counterbalance. However, when I understood our union's political priorities I wised up and left. I was more interested in pay and conditions than the politics of South America.

However, the far left NUJ was just one of the influences that kept writers looking left. Those who favored private enterprise and capitalism  were almost regarded as  candidates for the lunatic asylum.

This is why left-wing politicians get such a free ride, with a typical question at their press conferences being on the lines of :"What's the most wonderful thing you've done in office, Mr.Democratic President//Senator....?" Whereas  right of center leaders - and I don't regard the likes of the Bush family, Romney and co as any sort of conservatives by the way - get constant media assault. The non-stop attacks on President Trump, who got most things right,had it the worst as he was the one who saw that the so-called Climate Change movement was claptrap, which is why he pulled the USA out of supporting their agenda. By the way, I just read a report from experts predicting a new Ice Age....just like the 70s.

Only the web offers relative freedom. Don't expect this to  last long. The big tech control freaks don't like it.I  came  round to respecting  President Trump, despite doubts about deficit spending.Mike Pence was  also serious force for good alongside him. Let's see if any news outlet ever reports anything positive about them now vote fraud has turfed them out of office.

In the meanwhile, get our books and DVDs while you still can. It won't last. I also speak to churches, conferences or any group in Britain or America that wants to know the truth about the fast approaching New World Order. Hear some free speech while you can!  Contact me for speaking engagements via

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