Italy Becomes First Nation To Ban Bill Gates’ Fake Meat Due To ‘Serious Health Concerns

Now at least one spoke has been put in Gates'  wheel. Italy has become the first country to issue a total ban on Bill Gates' synthetic meat products after numerous studies found the lab-grown fake meat products cause turbo cancers in humans. Italy's Minister Orazio Schillaci announced. “The resolution calls for a commitment to ban the production, marketing and import of synthetic foods within our territory"

 Gates, who has  stated his aim of reducing the world population of nearly eight billion to a paltry 500 million, has  been using vaccinations, distorting the food supply  and effectively running the World Health Authority via  his vast donations and his appointee who heads it, is unfortunately the world’s most influential individual.

So every move he makes is based on this agenda, like becoming the biggest owner of farmland in America and buying up Farmland in other nations

Meanwhile, in the US the Biden administration has fast-tracked the controversial products for approval, No surprise there!

Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper said this about Gates' pseudo food.

No wonder people are turning their noses up at fake meat... it's not healthy, it won't save the planet, and it tastes like burnt dog food, says food industry expert JOANNA BLYTHMAN, as sales of plant-based burgers collapse.

The Daily Mail, which has reobust reports and views, is the newspapaer chosen to provide our news feed on this site


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