Warning writ large as 100 mammoth tusks are seized, by Pat Franklin

 Well, well.  Some naughty people have been caught smuggling more than a ton of mammoth tusks from Russia into China.  The 100 mammoth tusks and also 37 woolly rhino horns have all been seized by Chinese customs.  But never mind, there are lots more in the Russian permafrost where those came from – an estimated 10 million more mammoth carcasses, according to the BBC.   just more evidence of Noah’s Flood, for those with eyes to see and brains to think.

This huge population of large animals occupied what is now a vast frozen tundra with little for any animal to eat.  They now form a gargantuan ivory deposit, as their carcasses are dug out and the tusks removed.  In fact mammoths are the greatest source of ivory.

And what did they eat, these enormous herds of herbivores?  They feasted on lush tropical plants which covered what is now the Arctic.  Remains of their last meal are even found in some of their mouths - still chewing as the Flood waters engulfed them!

The fascinating creatures became extinct, it is claimed, about 10,000 years ago, but in fact the figure is actually about 4,500 years ago when the waters of the Flood covered the entire globe, killing all air breathing creatures except those Noah had taken into the Ark.

Evidence for the Flood is all over the earth, but scientists prefer to disregard it.  The Flood is the great ‘extinction event’ which they sometimes mention, when 95 percent of the species in the ancient world suddenly perished, buried in sediments and forming the fossil layers all over the earth.  Or, in the case of the mammoths, preserved in Russia’s deep freeze, also known as the permafrost.

The Flood was certainly the end of the dinosaurs, or most of them, because clearly some young ones were taken onto the Ark and a few species survived for a time until finally they were wiped out totally by men.  Thank goodness, I say!

Evidence for Noah's Flood is all so clear, so visible in the topography of the land, in the layers of cliffs, in the fossil record, and in the written record – God’s Word, the Bible.  Please read, please consider, please think!

God judged the ancient world by pretty much wiping it out, and there is another extinction event coming down the pike, folks!  God will not be mocked forever!  He is so long suffering, so loving.  He does not want anyone to perish or miss out on His great salvation plan. 

We are now at about the giddy limit, the very end of the age of grace, with the offer of free salvation on the table and the door of Heaven standing wide open.  All we have to do to be saved for all eternity is to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord, to ask Him to forgive our horrible sins and make us His people.  Jesus said unless we were ‘born again’ we could never see Heaven; and we become born again, new creations, when we accept Him as our Lord and Savior.

This is all coming to a resounding end, dear friends!  The age of grace is just about over.  The Bible puts it like this:  “when the fullness of the gentiles has come in.”  In other words, when the last person destined to be saved comes to faith in Christ, that is it. 

The door shuts. The 2,000 year church age is over.  The time is past when you can just ensure your eternal salvation by accepting Jesus as your Lord.  You will still be able to come to faith, but it will be much harder for you, and  you will have missed out big time.

There are some terrible times ahead, dear friends.  The woolly mammoths were having a fine time eating the tropical vegetation which flourished at the North Pole in their day.  Suddenly that era was over.  God sent the Flood.  The mammoths were drowned and can be dug up today with the tropical food still in their mouths and stomachs.  All over.

The Bible tells us what is coming and it is literally terrible.  You do not want to be on the earth when the Great Tribulation breaks in all its divine fury.  You want to be safe in the place Jesus said He would prepare for us, the wonderful place of peace and glory, the place where God dwells and where He wants us to be.  The place where we can be at last fulfilled, with all our God given potential used to the uttermost.

But God will not strive with you forever.  Your soul belongs to you and God does not force anyone to love Him.  You can choose to reject His Son, Jesus.  He will respect your free will decision and let you condemn yourself to an eternity in Hell.

 It is not His will. He wants all men to be saved.  If you finish up there, it is because you rejected Jesus, rejected every invitation to open your heart to Him.

Those mammoths are in the news today, and what a warning they represent for those with eyes to see.


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