Islam is neither normal nor peaceful: Here's why we do NOT all worship the same god.

Islam is neither normal nor peaceful. We do NOT all worship the same god. That's why Islamics blow themselves up, taking as many "infidels" as possible with them. It amazes us when numbskull TV commentators ponder on "why these atrocities happen." They should try reading the sayings of Muhammad instead of parading their ignorance and/or cowardice.

In the face of continuing Islamic atrociities around the world, from Europe to Africa, the Middle East to the USA, it is time for our leaders to admit that Islam is a rogue religion, not fit for purpose in the modern world, a religion that must be exposed for what it is: a religion of intolerance, hatred and violence.

Not all Muslims are terrorists - but virtually all terrorists are Islamic! Instead, we have heard Islam defended by virtually every leading politician, as well as leaders of other religions.  It is ‘a normal religion’, ‘a peaceful religion’, we are repeatedly told.   But it is not ‘normal’ and it is not peaceful.  It is abnormal and warlike.  Shame on all the leaders who have put Islam on a par with Christianity.  They are diametrically opposed as scripture makes clear and as we set out in our book, Cults and Isms: True or False?

While we are being so tolerant, millions of people are kept in oppression in every Islamic country.  It is truly awful.  Instead of bleating about ‘tolerance’, we must demand freedom for muslims.  The west should impose sanctions on every Islamic country.  We should not do business with any country that does not allow free speech and that does not allow its citizens to change their religion.

In Saudi, where women and infidels have little freedom, a young man came under the barbaric Islamic sentence of 1,000 lashes for criticizing Islam.  He had is sentenced to 50 lashes every Friday.  Read about it here

 Read just some of what the Koran commands muslims (below). The ‘god’ referred to is the false god Allah.  

‘…fight in God’s way…’  Sura 4:74

‘Fight the allies of Satan…’ Sura 4:76

‘…strike above their necks and strike all their fingertips…’ Sura 8:12

‘Prepare whatever forces you can muster…to frighten off God’s enemies…twenty will overcome 200, 100 will overcome 1,000…’ Sura 8:60

‘Prophet, urge the believers to fight…’ Sura 8:65

‘Fight those of the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) who do not believe in God (Allah)…Sura 9:29

‘…Go and fight’  Sura 9:38

‘ If you do not go out and fight, God will punish you severely…’  Sura 9:39

‘ So go out an no matter whether you are lightly or heavily armed, and struggle in God’s way…’ Sura 9: 41

Muhammad, the founder of Islam, would have been proud of the murderers who shot down unarmed journalists and policemen in Paris.  He would have delighted in the misguided young men who blew themselves up at Brussels Airport and metro.They were following the commands of the muslim religion.  He would have relished the lashing of the young man who dared to criticize Islam.

Yes, agreed, most muslims are not like that!  Thank goodness!  But their religion is like that!  It is, folks; there is no getting around it.  It condones violence.  The religion itself is at fault.  It urges and even commands violence and murder in the name of the false god Allah.

Muhammad had a real struggle to get muslims in his day to go out and fight.  Normal people don’t want to fight!  They don’t want to murder others!  Most people just want to get on with their lives and the Arabs of Muhammad’s day were no exception.

In the Koran Muhammad repeatedly threatens and cajoles the men of his day to motivate them to join in fighting and killing and taking plunder, all in the name of Allah.  Buy a copy of the Koran and read it for yourself !  Get educated !

Islam is the polar opposite if Christianity, which really is a religion of truth and peace and love, of forgiveness and salvation.  

It is time for Muslims to come out of Islam, to admit that it is a bad, false religion.  It is time for Christian leaders to start telling the truth about Islam and to call on all Muslims to rethink things, even though conversion to Christianity brings with it a death penalty in Islam.  

It is time for Christian leaders to present them with the truth of the Bible – that they need forgiveness for their sins, and only the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ can wash them clean.

Instead of constantly urging us (us !) to be more ‘tolerant’ and telling us Islam is ‘one of the three great religions of the world’, they should be educating people – grounding them in the truth revealed in the Bible. 

As for the French satiric magazine Charlie Hebdo, it had gone way beyond satire.  Some of the cartoons have been downright obscene and no Christian could possibly identify with such a publication, particularly after an obscene cartoon about the virgin birth.  Je suis non Charlie.

If our governments had any wisdom, we would have free speech PLUS an obscenity law.  We need freedom, not licence.  There must be a balance; there is a line that should never be crossed.  But that takes wisdom, and there is precious little of that about.

Footnote from Alan:  Details of how the Bible directly contradicts Islam, Roman Catholicism and all other false faiths, cults and isms can be found in greater detail in our book, Cults and Isms: True or False?  which is available from our web shop. We ship boxes of 48 books, including our other current title Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, to churches in North America and the UK for $250 or £150, including post and packing.

These are facts your church needs to know so you can understand why we do NOT “worship the same god.” I speak to any church which invites me, on a variety of vital End Times topics. Contact me at

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