Repenting for the sins of Britain and looking forward to Jesus’ rod of iron

 Our telephone lockdown service on June 28, 2020, concentrated on prayers of repentance for the monumental sins of the British nation and focused on the ‘rod of iron’ which the Lord Jesus will apply when He returns to earth to rule the planet for 1,000 years. (Tongham Christian Fellowship, Surrey, England)

Kevin, a beloved, godly man of prayer, was leading the service and said that time was running out and he believed that God was using the current virus to reach millions of people.

‘We know that Jesus is the only answer,’ he said and it was our job now to seek God in repentance, acknowledge our sins, pray for the Lord to open people’s eyes, soften hearts, cleanse us of every defilement, and deliver us from destruction.

There were prayers that our Father in heaven would forgive us for a lack of faith in the nation coming from people who claimed to be Christians, yet never studied the Bible, who believed in evolution*, who did not believe in creation, Adam and Eve, and who did not even accept heaven and hell.

One man prayed:  ‘You are the God of Israel and we see how You dealt with Your people to show us that You are a God of love, but also of judgement and You will judge us.  

‘We read things in Your Word and do not obey.  Help us to come closer to You.’

One person acknowledged some of the sins of the official state church, the Church of England, which has accepted homosexuality and same sex marriage.

 He also prayed against a new Bible version which has cut out every reference to ‘Israel’.  ‘I pray that no one will buy that Bible.’

Another person prayed for forgiveness for idolatry in Britain, for the many idolatrous symbols in many churches and around the nation, including in garden centres.

One man prayed that the church would put trust in God and no longer kowtow to political correctness and the world’s standards, but stand up for God’s standards and display the brightness of Jesus in our lives.

Another said that the world was a mess, but we could be overcomers.

Yet another asked forgiveness for unbelief and lack of trust in the church, for interfaith services with worshippers of false gods and idols.  

He cited the ‘pandemic of abortion’, with 209,000 deaths every year, 574 ever day in Britain, 9 million overall in England and Wales.

A woman prayed that the horrors of abortion would be exposed, that people would see what is actually going on and that medical staff would have the courage to be whistleblowers on the abortion industry. 

She prayed that people would know the horror of what the babies are used for in medical research.  ‘Please horrify the nation!’ she prayed.

One man prayed for the children, who faced a world bent on destroying their faith.

Another prayed that Christianity would be brought back into schools instead of the current trend to teach that it was just another faith.

One man prayed:  ‘Dear Father, please save these children today; they are the last generation.’

Another prayed:  ‘Save our children from fear and the devastating lie of evolution*.  Open their hearts and minds to the glory of Your creation.’

One man prayed about the entertainment industry, the evil films that come out of Hollywood, the sadistic violence, filthy language, and TV like a sewer coming into homes – degrading and destroying minds.  And he mentioned the ‘fouling’ of our children by the music industry.

He prayed:  ‘Forgive us, Father, for allowing our world to be so degraded.

‘We’ve forgotten that You’re coming back in all Your power, and we pray for Your return in Jesus’ Name!’

That was the end of our prayer time and our speaker for the day was Colin Lyne, a retired postman (mail carrier).  Colin was saved as a young man and has never stopped studying the Bible.  He was able to forgive people who had hurt him deeply, which released him into a life of great joy.  He was also completely healed of epilepsy.  Though he has little in the way of possessions, he is probably one of the happiest people on earth.

He spoke on Psalm 2, a psalm of David about the 1,000 year millennial reign of Jesus.  Although the Bibles do not put David’s name on the Psalm, Luke does in the Book of Acts.

David was a prophet as well as the king and Psalm 2 tells us that the gentiles will be enraged when Jesus is reigning on the earth which He made.  Verse 7 is one of the few references in the Old Testament that tells us that God has a Son and the nations are His inheritance.

Verse 9 tells us that He will break rebellious nations with a rod of iron, shatter them in pieces.

Colin said Jesus has been given the authority to do this. He also referred to Zechariah 14, Isaiah 13, 24 and 27 and Psalm 43.

 He said that in Psalm 2 verse 10 was a final warning to the ten kings who would be ruling earth with the Antichrist in the Great Tribulation.  It was the time before the mark of the beast,  warning that if they took that mark there was no way back.

Instead they were told to kiss the Son, verse 12, which meant an act of allegiance and submission to Jesus Christ. 

In that time there will be a new temple in Jerusalem, the millennial temple, and Colin said that only certain people would be allowed there – people with clean hands and pure hearts (Psalm 24).  The ‘clean hands’ meant people who use their hands to do the will of God.

After the service closed there was a bit of chat.  Someone said we might have more opportunities to witness to people when lockdown ended, and they might be more willing to listen. 

Others mentioned things that have not been in the news, including a severe water shortage in Belgium (headquarters of the European Union), and terrible flooding in China, where apparently it has rained for months in some places.

Note:  *Evolution, although still in the textbooks, is now a defunct theory, thoroughly disproven and debunked by science.  Darwin knew nothing of DNA, the endless complexity of each cell, and the impossibility of one species changing into another, however many billions of years are posited.  And one wonders if he even knew the first law of science, that life does not come from non-living material.  But the books stay in the schools, because the educational establishment does not want to open the door to the idea of Intelligent Design and that ‘In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth.’  Genesis 1:1



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'Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness?' This is a clear warning to Christians not to marry a non-believer.
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