The“Covid Pass” seems to be the scheme that can never die.

The“Covid Pass” seems to be the scheme that can never die.


This information is from an organisation we trust called “Together” which fights for our fast vanishing freedom. They say: “We were assured by politicians it was being "wound down" and only maintained for international travel.“But a new Freedom of Information request suggests it is *still* being developed for domestic use.


“Together has just written to Maggie Throup MP, the MP fronting the programme, demanding answers.”


This is  the letter- a good example of how all of us who distrust the propaganda promoting the deadly jabs without revealing what they are doing to millions of people suffering  adverse effects and blood clots. Help can get some sense into the politicians in charge of the fast failing NHS.


“The introduction of vaccine passports was one of the most divisive proposals the Government sought to introduce. It was ill-founded from the start, and many see this project as a Trojan horse for introducing mandatory Digital I.D. Of course, for a very long time Government denied there was any possibility of vaccine passports at all.


“Vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi told the UK public on BBC TV on 7 February 2021 that vaccine passports would be “discriminatory” and reassured the public that the government had “no plans” to introduce them in Britain, even commenting “that’s not how we do things in the UK”.


“There never was widespread support for this authoritarian project, as seen by findings from your “Call for Evidence” consultation in March 2021. Over 52,000 people responded, with most strongly against the introduction of vaccine passports.


“In September 2021, the then Health Secretary Sajid Javid indicated that plans for vaccine passports had been scrapped. Yet, at the end of 2021 the Government introduced them anyway before supposedly withdrawing them in January 2022. Clearly we see the invitation to tender was issued April 2022.


“Then, on 8 June, Sir Desmond Swayne MP posed the question to Sajid Javid in Parliament: why was the Department of Health even then advertising for a “permanent position” on £71,000 a year for "Deputy Director, Delivery Lead - Covid Pass?" for a programme that had supposedly ended?


“Javid’s response was deeply unconvincing. “Covid Pass” seems to be the initiative that can never die.


“Is it any wonder the Government suffers from a perceived lack of trustworthiness when it apparently does not respect the wishes of British citizens or sticks to its Ministers’ briefings? In the UK, we enjoy many hard-won liberties and rights, all fought for and defended by our ancestors.


“These rights are not only fundamental to our understanding of democracy, they are rights we believe all humans should have. Some of us are lucky enough to have been born with these rights, but others have experienced the perils of segregation, suppression, and surveillance first hand.


“Therefore, on behalf of all Together Declaration signatories, given what the FOI request appears to have revealed, we request from you a clear answer to the question:


“Given your statement that “Although domestic certification is no longer being used in the UK, the NHS Covid Pass still requires updating and maintaining for travel purposes,” there can be only two explanations for the information revealed by the Freedom of Information request: either your covering letter was deliberately disingenuous, or you had not actually read the Specification behind your covering letter. Which is it?


Yours sincerely, Alan Miller. Co-Founder Together


Alan Franklin adds:

Play your role in stopping the useless but deadly clot shots.

Remember, my talk giving the facts about Covid and much else leading us into a New World Order was removed from youtube the day it went live. Fight to protect what is left of free speech.


Rumble stepped in to save free speech. Here is the link to my talk:





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