One woman’s health disaster after taking one of the health-threatening so-called Covid “vaccines.” This is an urgent warning from a friend of ours.....

Twelve hours after receiving the Astra Zeneca jab in March last year, I began to experience a sensation of numbness/anaesthesia in my brain and a ‘clouding’ behind my right eye. 

This continued for about a year, gradually and slowly becoming more intermittent.  I had a brain scan but nothing amiss showed up. 

Other symptoms experienced were: a rapidly beating/pounding heart; fluctuating blood pressure -ranging from hypotension to severe hypertension and severe anxiety attacks if woken at night. 

I began to take supplements and these symptoms gradually resolved.  I currently have chronic fatigue, aching wrist joints and depression.

Before the vaccine I was able to cycle 3 hours a day, to and from work.  Following the vaccine, I couldn’t cycle for more than 5 minutes without feeling so shaky that I could barely continue!

In August my Dr prescribed an anti-depressant drug which I had occasionally used before (several years ago), which had not previously caused any ill effects. 

I let my husband know before taking a dose, just in case of an interaction with any chemical hanging around from the jab. 

A few hours later I had a severe ‘seizure’, followed by a second.  These ‘seizures’ continued, although not as severely, over the next few months.  My GP said these episodes were ‘just vasovagal syncope’ (low blood pressure) and dismissed them. 

I have never had a seizure because of low blood pressure before!!   I have a friend who is a psychologist, who was able to explain to me that these seizures were ‘medically induced psychotic episodes’, and that apparently the mix of drugs caused this.  . 

My hours at work were reduced to only nine hours a week and my husband drove me to and from work, as I was too unwell to drive myself.  Thankfully, with his support, I was able to keep my job. 

I started taking Ivermectin  a few weeks ago – just one dose a week for the first four weeks, as per the World Health Alliance protocol.

 I noticed an improvement.  Following these four weekly doses, one Ivermectin should then be taken once a month. 

I’ve noticed a deterioration in my health again – with symptoms as before and a worsening of aches and pains in my forearms!   Had I taken Ivermectin from the outset it might have been a different story!

I think perhaps that I'm feeling unwell again because I'm now only taking IVM every four weeks ... I think I should try taking it once a week instead again, maybe, despite the WHA protocol!  


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