Prime Minister May pushes perversion as normal. Who is she kidding? By Alan Franklin.

Our Prime Minister’s appalling lack of judgment, discernment or even a smidge of Biblical knowledge or commonsense -  exactly what I would expect from many Vicars’ daughters - is nowhere more obvious than in her disgusting promotion of perversion.

The move to push sexual deviancy as “normal,” which it manifestly isn’t, was in full view in huge posters at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal Four this week as we awaited our granddaughters’  arrival from Israel.

Colour pictures of two very strange looking pseudo “women” were plastered across the walls on either side of the  international arrivals area.

On closer inspection, while I reached for the sick bag, I saw that one of them- who looked seriously scary to the thousands of children pouring in from round the world- was a so-called “drag queen.”The other was described as an “LGB activist” or words to that effect.

So this is what once Great Britain has been reduced to – a place fit for perverts!My strong advice to would-be tourists is: forget it.

The UK, under the sick leadership of Mrs May, who is not only wrong- headed on most major matters but would have trouble running a bath, let alone a country, is a place for for those who think anything goes, whatever God says.

What would He know anyway? That seems to be the top down attitude here now, including the pathetic jokers who run the so-called Church of England, which hasn’t preached the Gospel in my lifetime at any church I know about. Certainly not from the top.Here is a first-rate article from Thomas Pascoe, Campaign Director of The Coalition for Marriage:

The Government’s LGBT Plan is an attack on the family.

This week the Government announced a package of measures which amounts to an assault on marriage following a taxpayer-funded survey only open to homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals.

Proposals include:Spending £4.5m of your money on an LGBT Action Plan which will promote the acceptance of homosexual adult relationships and transgenderism in schools, usurping the role of parents who may wish to teach their children the primacy of real marriage between a biological man and a biological woman.

Confirming that forthcoming compulsory relationships education for primary school children will be used to promote “LGBT+” issues, despite the fact that real marriage is strongly correlated with better outcomes later in life and should be taught as a priority instead.

Consulting on allowing anybody to change gender without seeing a doctor first, removing an important provision against bad faith in current law and undermining the idea that male and female are fixed biological realities and not a matter of choice.

These plans are a sinister assault on women and children which should never have been put forward.This Government has consistently bullied and ignored supporters of real marriage, choosing instead to pursue a path of indoctrination in schools and intimidation in the courts.

Real marriage supporters are often libelled as extremists by the press and politicians, but the reality is that it is the Government’s policy which is extreme and out of touch: a poll published this week found that only 18% of the general population agreed with Theresa May’s proposals to amend the Gender Recognition Act.

At a pivotal time for the future of the country it beggars belief that the Government should concern itself with attacking parents, children and biological reality in this way. In doing so they have proven themselves extreme, arrogant and totally out of touch.

Yours sincerely, Thomas Pascoe
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage (C4M)





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