We are boycotting a big UK shopping chain, Holland and Barratt, owned by one of Putin's cronies

Alan Franklin comments: Every day we are distressed by pictures of Nazi-style Russian war criminals shooting at fleeing Ukrainian families, targeting medical centres and children's hospital wards and kidnapping many thousand of women and children and bussing them to a terrible fate in Russia, where they will be dispersed throughout this vast country. But we can do simple things to help stop this- by boycotts.

This is what I sent to the head office of Holland and Barratt, the UK's best known health supplements store.

"We have ceased to shop at Holland and Barrett since we found out they were owned by one of Putin's close circle- a Russian billionaire now sanctioned by the EU - Mikhail Fridman who stepped from the board after EU sanctions on Russian billionaires. His business partner Pytor (Peter) Aven was also made to resign. This does not mean Russian ownship has changed.

 "We do not support those connected to war criminals and believe the chain should be sold and the proceeds given to the Ukrainian refugees.

" Like us,customers have a choice to make. We are saying goodbye!" If the pictures of Russian savagery upsets you as much as they do me, take action! And write a review on Trust Pilot, Yell, Google  or other comment websites to spread the word.

Lots of ordinary people like us CAN make a difference. The firms involved- and there are others-  need to feel some heat.


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