What is thefreepressonline.co.uk? An introduction.

Alan and Pat Franklin

"thefreepressonline.co.uk"  the web newspaper of journalists Alan and Pat Franklin, has its home base in Hampshire, England. I (Alan) am a British newspaperman who for 21 years edited a paper in England. 

My American wife Pat worked as a writer and sub-editor.  Our collaborative books are "Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain," full of timely warnings why the world is heading for financial, moral and spiritual meltdown, and "Cults and Isms: True or False," which exposes the false faiths.

Like our publishing ventures and my speaking tours, thefreepressonline.co.uk is a non commercial and non profit making venture. Neither of us is paid for our time and we do not cover costs. We are happy with this because we disapprove of people who make merchandise of the Word of God, which is central to our theme.

If something is sweeping the world, everyone says it is wonderful and all the major churches endorse it, you can be certain it is rubbish! The Gospel is never that popular.

Our aim is to publish the truth in the short time we believe this will still be possible. As committed Christians we know there is a great deal not being reported by the major media as the world slouches towards Armageddon. So, we will print the Gospel truth and see what happens.

If you are interested in our news items, which are chosen in the light of our opinion that the return of Jesus Christ will happen soon, as the Bible repeatedly predicts, you will find our stance refreshingly different.

Because we will stand for Biblical standards, and condemn practices like homosexuality, we run the risk of attack from the politically correct establishment. We will print anyway: the Bible is right and our rulers are wrong. If you would like many times more information than we can ever put on a website, think of buying copies of our books, advertised in our web shop. These can be bought for friends and relatives as a way to open their eyes: we know of people being saved after reading our books, which are brimming with Bible truth.


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Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life.
John 6:47

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