Covid and me by Pat Franklin

In January 2020 we came back from visiting our family in Israel, never suspecting that the world would be locked down and we would not be allowed to see them again for two years and counting.   We sat next to a very sick man on the plane home, and a week or so later, we both came down with a miserable illness which hung around for a few weeks.  I am pretty sure it was Covid 19.

We just stayed home and looked after each other  and didn’t see anyone because obviously we didn’t want anyone else to catch what we had.

 We called the doctor.  In my case I was given Amoxillan, which did no good whatsoever, but wasted a whole week, by which time my breathing was turning into wheezing, and the cough was worse. 

So I called the doctor again and this time was given an appointment with a paramedic.  She was brilliant, and spent a few minutes listening to my lungs, front and back.  She prescribed a ventolin inhaler, which I had never used in my life, and a different antibiotic (sorry, didn’t take a note of it, something like doxycyline). 

These started working quickly, but it was a couple of weeks before I felt like it was OK to go out, OK for other people I mean.  So I missed 3 or 4 weeks of church on Sunday and felt quite guilty about it, but knew it was the right thing to do.

Then we started hearing about the virus, and the symtoms sounded just like what we had just had.

I’m glad we got it when we did, or we might not have got any treatment whatsoever!  The advice on every channel every day was to stay home, don’t bother your doctor, certainly don’t bother the hospital, just wait, and if your breathing gets really really bad, call the doc then and go to the hospital  (and die).  Jolly dee, as they say in England sarcastically.

There was no early treatment of any sort.  None.  Maybe take paracetamol or something.  That was it. 

No treatment, despite that   fact that the earlier any illness is caught and treated, the better chance the patient has for recovery.  

And all through this long, dreary time, there is still no national voice  telling people in the UK how they could build up their immune systems and possibly avoid getting Covid in the first place. 

There is no mention of taking Vit C, D, quercetin, zinc – supplements easily obtainable, with Vit D making the difference between life and death in many cases according to the data.

Data?  What’s that?  We didn’t hear  about that kind of data, only the kind which showed rises in ‘cases’ and rises in deaths.  Deaths, like the lady in our church in the upper 90s with several ‘co-morbidities’ who had been in and out of the hospital for years with serious issues.   When she finally died, guess what was on the death certificate?  Covid, of course. 

We were told that the hospitals here got an extra 13,000 pounds, about $20,000, for each death where Covid was listed as the cause.  We heard of one family who were asked if they minded ‘Covid’ on their relative’s death certificate, since the hospital needed the money.

A waiter in a restaurant told us his friend had terminal cancer and when he died, they put Covid on the certificate. 

This was all early on, and what a scary time it was, seeing the poor Italians locked up in their high rise apartments, some with not even a balcony.

I never thought for a moment anything like that would happen here, not in sensible UK, surely!

But it did happen, and the first lockdown was soon on us.  People spring cleaned their homes, did the jobs they had put off, went for a walk (allowed out once a day), tried to buy a dog so they could have an excuse to go out more.  Dogs were in short supply.

I started a notebook, studying  the book of Ephesians.  And I cleaned out the cutlery drawer.  And I made Passport gospel tracts on the kitchen table.  People were scared, and it was easy to give out my Passport tract and give them a 2 minute gospel.  Most people listened!

then I discovered dtbm, Discover the Book Ministries, and the excellent teaching of Dr John Barnett.  I was already working on a 'We Are The Final Generation' tract to give out, and suddenly there was Pastor John, with a Final Generation teaching.  How exciting it was, and lots of people now have that tract, explaining how we know that Jesus is coming back soon and what we need to do to be ready.

And soon, without even trying, I was seeing behind the curtain.  Brilliant doctors were popping up on my phone, with crucial data about a cure for Covid – Ivermectin.  First, the Front Line Covid Critical Care physicians,  then  Dr Pierre Kory testifying before a Senate committee, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Paul Merrick, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi,  Dr Tess Lawrie and several others.  These are eminent professionals, not back street quacks .  They have developed protocols for Covid which save lives and which every doctor should have pinned up over their desk!

But to even mention any of this was to find yourself labeled a ‘conspiracy theorist’ by someone who would not dream of looking at any of the evidence or questioning the party line.

Over the two years of Covid here I have asked many people, including medical professionals, if they have heard of the anti-viral medicine Ivermectin, and they have all said ‘no’.

And of course it is not 100% effective, but data shows it is very, very effective indeed.  So effective that it has been criminalized !   They do not want doctors to prescribe it.  They do not want you to be able to get it. 

No!  Britain doesn’t want a cure – we want a vaccine!  By the time the vax became daily news,  we had long since smelled a rat.  We soon knew the name of the rat.  He is a very rich rat.

And his vaccine was soon blanketing Israel, where our family very wisely refused it, and have suffered being ostracized from shops, library, school, sports centre, etc.    

We too have refused it, and so far have not been ostracized from anything.  So far. 

I read the British gov website about the jab, which said you would still be able to get Covid and transmit it to others.  Well, come on!  That's not a vaccine then, is it?

We were offered jabs several times.  One time a lady called on the phone to give me an appointment, and I said ‘no, thank you’.  She asked why, and I said:  ‘It is still experimental; the long term effects are not known; the companies take no responsibility for damaging people, so why would I want to take it?  Plus I know there is a cure – have you heard of Ivermectin?’  Of course she hadn’t.

From early on, I suspected that most people were being given placebo jabs, because they weren’t getting sick or dropping down.  Yet I was seeing terrible adverse effects, people testifying on the web to the awful disabilities they suffered after taking the jab.  You can look up VAERS for yourself, Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System.

The VAERS reports are filed mostly by doctors, and take up precious time (which they do not have), are complicated to fill in online, and  the form will time out if you don’t get through it quickly enough.  So, as you can imagine, many adverse effects never get filed.

And if you do start having seizures, for example, of course it could not be the vax, must be something else.   Got to stick with the narrative.  One friend who was pressured to get jabbed is suffering still, many months later, and has had seizures.  Of course there is no compensation; the companies have no liability.

As for the lethal jabs,  check out Brighteon  , just one site I happened on today, and make up your own mind.  Also check Dr Mercola.  Are there  certain batches carrying  lethal loads, released at certain times, and somehow not all in one place, so that it is not obvious?

If you had the jab, you can look up your batch number, but you probably don't know it and can't get it.

Then there are the religious exemptions, which are reportedly difficult to get.  It is claimed that  parts from aborted babies were not used in the vaccines, but a whistleblower revealed that parts were used in develping vaccines, for example HEKOX68.  The HEK stands for Human Embryo Kidney; the OX is Oxford, where the work was done; 68 is 1968, the year it was done, the same year abortion was legalized in the UK.

None of this gets into the media, of course.   We never get real debate.  Only the narrative.  We were surprised to find that the selfsame rat has been busy there too, donating millions right and left to national newspapers, TV corporations, et c.

And as for our travel lockdown, we live near a small airport, Farnborough.  We had no hope of flying anywhere.  But we saw planes flying in and out all the time over these two years. 

They are all large executive jets.  One day, I think it was in the first lockdown, we were out for the daily walk and noticed jets coming in every few minutes.

What were the mega rich up to?  It was mid morning, so they would be just in time to meet their limos and get to some ritzy lunch somewhere.  They  probably  wouldn’t have to waste time on baggage checks, long lines at immigration, and all the rigamarole we go through.   We wondered if there was some kind of summit going on in a fancy country hotel.    

But then, that’s just me, you know, conspiracy theorist.








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