Deluge your MPs and politicians with letters like this - to stop the Scamdemic claptrap.

Good morning, Mr Jayawardena,(MP for North Eeast Hampshire and a government minister.)

 You have all along been supportive of this Government's ludicrous campaign of fear against the British people, so I am today wondering if you would really support any kind of lockdown any time soon on the basis of the Omicron fairy story.   

NB information below from South Africa.   Best wishes for a healthy happy Christmas and a more enlightened New Year, for yourself, your family, and all the other families and individuals who inhabit the UK.  Yours sincerely,  Irene ..........

 From South Africa:

Not Making Headlines: Omicron Variant So Weak that South Africa will Stop Tracing and Quarantining of Contacts


...The Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) on Covid-19 has written to Health Minister Joe Phaahla, recommending that the quarantining of contacts be stopped as it is no longer viable in the current social and economic climate.

Furthermore, the committee said contact tracing was no longer necessary and should also be halted with immediate effect…

…With only a small number of contacts identified from a proportionally small Covid-19 cases, quarantining was no longer effective for containing the spread of the disease, MAC said.


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Genesis 6:17

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