The evil Anglican archbishop who specialized in cutting off the ears of Christian pastors, by Pat Franklin

The iron fist of the 17th century Church of England  is exposed in William Federer’s article on the Star Chamber.   The evil Anglican archbishop William Laud hated the Puritans. 

He had pastors’ ears cut off, and printers and writers  mercilessly flogged, mutilated and imprisoned.  Of course this is hidden history.  Nice modern Anglicans know nothing of all this!  Just as nice modern Catholics know nothing of Rome’s black-hearted history of torture and murder.

 For the terrible story of Laud’s  persecution of the Puritans click on this link

Having myself been poorly educated in Catholic schools, I of course knew none of this.  I usually got As and Bs, but somehow came out the other end knowing virtually no history at all, so I lay that at the door of the Catholic teachers  who taught us very little history and managed to make it boring.

I actually remember one nun saying:  ‘America was settled by people fleeing religious persecution.’  She didn’t add, or possibly didn’t even know, that our own Catholic Church, and the Church of England as well, were the ones doing the persecuting!

My education commenced after I graduated.  Thank the Lord for the web and access to teachers and writers like historian Bill Federer.

We first met  Bill at a Bible conference.   I’ll never forget the impact he made .  People around me were just buzzing, energized, asking, ‘How can we get Bill to our town/church/school?’

He was then, I think, on the run-up to a congressional election and when I spoke to him afterwards , I said hello, and, ‘Bill, I don’t want to see you in Congress.’  He looked a bit taken back, until I added:  ‘I want to see you in the White House!’

Bill didn’t make it to Congress, let alone the White House, although how I hope that changes.   My take on it is that the useless Republican Party gave him an unwinnable seat to fight, and anyway Bill didn’t have the millions it takes to buy TV time etc.

What he does have is high integrity and great intelligence, but of course who wants that these days?

So America lost out on one of the most able leaders of our generation. 

Instead he has devoted himself to writing and lecturing and is probably the pre-eminent  historian of our time.  He could be a great Senator, or a president on a par with Abraham Lincoln, but that is most unlikely to happen.

You can get his daily email, American Minute, which will open your eyes to so many things.  You will be truly ‘woke’ – in a good way.

Don’t forget to click the ‘subscribe’ button on Bill’s brilliant American Minute website.  You will get a daily dose of truth.

As for the infamous archbishop, he got his comeuppance when he was beheaded in 1645. 


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