The King is coming to save the planet. But it won't be Charles. by Alan Franklin

The Queen was Supreme Head of The Church of England as well as Head of State. The title of Supreme Head of the church was created in 1531 for King Henry 8th when he moved to sever the Church of England from ties with Rome.

 As a popular figure The Queen commanded respect and had a voice that would be heard. However, perhaps because of bad advisors, she was a compromiser. She signed into law a number of vile laws, like same-sex marriage. The Monarch and Prime Minister meet weekly to discuss affairs. This is the Monarch’s chance to exert powerful influence....

 Nothing  becomes law in the UK without the “Royal Assent”. I think the Queen could have stopped much of the rot wrecking this country.

 As Head of the Church of England she went with the flow and I believe read out whatever was pushed into her hand. Here is one official view from The Royal Household website: ”The Queen acknowledges and celebrates religious diversity and tolerance in the UK and the Commonwealth. This is reflected in Her Majesty's Christmas and Commonwealth Day messages, which often address the theme of inter-faith harmony and tolerance.

 My comment is: We are not supposed to “celebrate” false religions leading millions straight to Hell, a word I never heard from the Queen’s lips. Too“ intolerant....”

 This story from The Manchester Evening News confirms her support for ‘faith.’ “She brought a lot of faiths together - Religious leaders across Greater Manchester pay tribute to The Queen as she dies aged 96.

 ”People of different faiths around Manchester are mourning the passing of The Queen as the nation woke up to the first day without her on the throne in over 70 years.”

 Our new King, Charles, once said he intends to be “A Defender of Faith, “rather than “The faith’’.

 Now he says he will stick to the traditional title but with some caveats. It had long-been reported that Charles was to change the title to omit "the", rendering it as "Defender of Faith" upon his accession to the throne.

 The Prince said that although he would "rather be seen as 'Defender of Faith'" because he was concerned "about the inclusion of other people's faiths and theirfreedom to worship in this country", this was compatible with the original, traditional wording

 He will be another big step down asCharles is also a Greenatic who talks to trees (I wonder if he bores them?) and loves the Islamic Garden at his Highgrove home. It would not surprise me if Charles’ first few speeches as king concentrate on “Saving the Planet.”He is likely to continue lobbying for the environment and “sustainability’,”

 The One who created our planet will be coming back to save it shortly. He will not be tolerant of false religion.










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I will bring back the captives of My people Israel; they shall build the waste cities and inhabit them...I will plant them in their land, and no longer shall they be pulled up from the land I have given them, says the LORD your God.
Amos 9:14,15

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