I’ve been banned for speaking the truth-but Rumble stepped in to preserve free speech. By Alan Franklin

Now watch the talk via the link below –it is news Lamestream Media and some big tech ban. 

First, here’s a live link that will take you to my talk:”Fast Forward to the Last of the Last Days.” 'https://rumble.com/v1is88n-its-fast-forward-to-the-last-of-the-last-days-by-alan-franklin.html

I had my talk banned from youtube.

I think plans are on fast forward for all that’s coming- the theme of my talk  which took me days to prepare and is now a banned message.

 The owner of the site has been warned that if we offend YouTube (Google) a couple more times  the whole site with other people’s talks on as well as mine will be taken down. Here is some of what was too offensive and upsetting to be shown to the world.....

 These statistics were from the Dr.Mercola website which is full of informationhttps://blogs.mercola.com/sites/vitalvotes/default.aspx


The Covid shots were on trial for 28 days-drugs are normally tested for 7 to 10 years=my headline

•      This was part of the slide that caused the problem.

•      US insurance companies  reported a 40% increase in0 yrs. (Headline) excess mortality among working-age adults in Autumn 2021. A 10% all-cause mortality rise is a once in a 200-year catastrophe, so 40% is  off the charts.

•      All-cause mortality was up by about 40%. The smoking gun in the CDC data was found when excess mortality was broken down by age group.

•      Millennials, those between the ages of 25 and 44, had a  84% increase in excess mortality during autumn of 2021.

•      The U.K., has seen excess mortality rise between 10% and 20% since the shots rolled out. In other areas, and/or in certain age categories, excess mortality is far greater,

•      “They try to explain it away by saying, well, lockdowns cause deaths of despair, suicides, drugs and alcohol, and people missing their cancer screenings. Well, in a three-month timeframe, we went from 40% to 50% excess mortality in the summer, to 84% excess mortality into the fall for the millennial age group, which represented about 61,000 people between March of '21 and February of '22.

•      Source: Edward Dowd on Dr Mercola website


This slide may also have annoyed them:

 Free speech is history (Headline)

•       We are fast heading for global government backed by a one world religion, all electronic buying and selling and control of education (which is now more like indoctrination). 

•      The attempt to abolish sexual differences and even gender itself is aided by control of  the main means of expression and news access.

•      No non-mainstream views are allowed on big media, so forget challenging anything from evolution to the man-made climate change myth. 


 I think they proved me right by denying me free speech!


I had more controversial slides including one calling the Church of England “not so much a church as a national disgrace.* I illustrated this with a picture of a female vicar marrying two men. I also exposed the Vatican.

There were also pictures of an  occult ceremony to launch the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham which featured a mechanical bull three stories high which was surrounded by dancers who raised heir hands, bowed and worshipped it. Then a woman climbed to the top and rode it......

 The Woman Riding the Beast-featured all over the EU. And I showe pictures.None of this caused youtube a problem. It was challenging the official  figures on Covid which did it.

  • Now you can do your bit by spreading the truth which is being kept from the public, that vaccines are dangerous, are not properly tested, do not prevent you from catching Covid nor stop you passing it on. 
  • They also need to be renewed every six months. 

  • Even vaccine testbed nations, like Israel, have given up on the whole fiasco as the population started to realise that getting jabbed every six months wasn't a good idea.

  • Here's a test:Ask friends, especially women, if they have had adverse effects from the "jabs." When  I ask a lot of people say yes. Especially menstrual problems. 

  • Others report something strange like a brain fog which also leaves them weak.Not to mention all the young athlets -all jabbed- who are collapsing on sports fields with heart attacks. That's why I call the jabs "clot shots" . 
If you send this link to all your friends the truth will start to get through....truth  matters! Alan

Here it is again: 





-this link works..... 






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