You'll soon be asked to have another so-called vaccine -it has been tested on just eight mice!

How Eight Mice Decided the Fate of Your Next Mandatory Jab

The COVID jabs have been the deadliest medicine in history, but could these reformulated shots be even worse? They've been tested on just eight mice; now parents are going to be encouraged to give it to their babies. What could possibly go wrong?

The news the so-called media- the harlot media- ignores: Watch "Covid vaccine: Study reveals 40.2% of women experienced menstruation changes as a side effect"

What passes for the media in the world today is covering up the deadly side effects of the  Covid so-called “vaccinations.” The press is now the suppress. It makes me ashamed to have spent  all my  working life in it- but I always tried to report the whole story. We had an unfashionable word for it – “truth.”

Special interests and grants from so-called “charitable” foundations ensure that most people have no idea that by taking the “jabs” they are increasing their chances of having blood clots, menstrual problems in women and much else, like destroying their immune systems.

Further, according to UK government health websites, the “jabs” neither stop you getting Covid nor passing it on.

I talk to a lot of people and when I get the chance ask them if they know of people getting the “jabs” suffering side effects. Many people reply that yes, they do.

I have a a suspicious mind and vividly recall something called a TED talk in which Henry Kissinger and Bill Gates clearly stated that the world population, presently approaching eight billion, should be cut to 500 million. Gates then says that vaccines could achieve some of this. The talk is no longer available to view. I wonder why?

Here is one talk that is available and I recommend you to watch it: Watch "Covid vaccine: Study reveals 40.2% of women experienced menstruation changes as a side effect" on YouTube.



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