Bill Gates called a "Vaccine Criminal" in Italian Parliament

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 At last – the truth starts to emerge. I already knew much of this but big media never mentions a word of it in the west although the Indian press knows.

The Gates Foundation provides millions of pounds to major news sources but the truth is already out on sites like Dr. Mercola, and much has already appeared on the Robert F Kennedy Jnr website, on the Frontline Doctors site in the USA and so on.

All anyone needs to do is ask anyone they meet if they know of adverse reactions after taking the so-called vaccine-lots of people have told me “yes.”

Even the UK Government health officials said on their web page that the “vaccines” would not stop you getting Covid 19 or prevent you passing it on. People were also never told that the effect wears off after six months and you have to be perpetually “re-jabbed,” thus destroying your immune system.

 This is on this website: Alan Franklin reports:The news the so-called media- the harlot media- ignores: Watch "Covid vaccine: Study reveals 40.2% of women experienced menstruation changes as a side effect" (


And.... Don't just eat insect burgers- eat each other! (


Please pass around to all on your lists- this truth needs to be known-



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