Look behind the propaganda for the real Covid facts - the vaccine damage is far worse than is yet realised.

What is not reported in all the biased reporting of the so-called vaccines is that 70 per cent of Covid 19 deaths are among the vaccinated population and in the USA, UK and EU there have been  40,289 deaths from the vaccines reported as well as several million "adverse events."The UK reported figure- far from the whole story- was 1,651 deaths from the vaccines up to September 30.

The hospitalisation rate of Covid patients in Israel, the world's most vaccinated nation, is rising rapidly with the vast majority being of vaccinated people

Further, from people I know, I can tell readers that most adverse reactions to the vaccines go unreported as  a medical professional friend told us this week that the reporting system of VARS is complicated and time consuming so most doctors don't have the time and patients are mostly unaware of the adverse reaction reporting system.

Our daughter in Israel delves through all the medical websites there as she speaks and reads Hebrew and found that just two jabs are not now counted as vaccinations- you first needed a third and now they are demanding a fourth.

Clearly we are not being told the whole story. Certainly not from our governments or an by the so-called media, which is the best money can buy (thanks for the handouts Bill!)

A friend who had to have the jab in England to keep her school job had a serious reaction and was ill for ten weeks including having three seizures in a week. In her 50s, she is only now recovering and is not yet back at work.

My hairdresser told me this week that a number of her friends suffered menstrual problems after taking the vaccine which, by the way, neither stops you from getting or passing on this Covid 19, from which the survival rate is 99.8 per cent.

What's going on is one of the biggest and deadliest false narratives in history. Also known as a pack of lies.



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