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-Amy Zewe

Continuing to inform, educate, and activate Christians in their support for Israel and the Jewish people, please engage in this week’s The Red Alert’s News to YOU:

Today marks 179 days since Oct. 7, 2023.  This is 6 months—a half a year!! 

The world protests the just and precise actions Israel is taking to defend itself, provide security for its citizens, retrieve its stolen people while minimizing civilian casualties, and rout out the most earnest and pure form of evil manifested in our time. 

“Cease Fire” shouts reign from college quads, city streets, highway off-ramps and overpasses, and political halls. We see no such cries in mass for “Free the Hostages” or “Bring our Girls Home.” Quite frankly, all it would take for a cease-fire is the return of the Israeli hostages so they may be reunited with family to heal or be laid to rest. 

Why is the world so blind to the reality of the situation in Israel and among its neighbors? Why is the world blind to the reasons for the conditions of those suffering Arabs in Gaza or under the PA? For nearly 50 years the narrative has been tainted—tainted in the UN, the press, Western school and college curricula, and more. (All of history is made up of tainted narratives against the Jews—and for the last 76 years, we can add in the state of Israel). Generations of bias and deceit result in a current generation that acts on and continues to teach and preach this false narrative.

We implore you to search the scriptures for the truth about Israel and search the internet, publications, and trusted sources for reports containing the truth about the current situation in Israel. This may be hard to find and is often outside the mainstream press that we are all so used to.

Certainly, social media is aiding the rapid dissemination of falsehoods and lies by omission of what is going on in Israel. The aftermath of Oct. 7 is being clouded by terrorists receiving cover from reporters, politicians, educators, and activists.  Oct. 7 was not just one horrible day but is a continued assault on Israel from all its neighbors.

The trauma endured by hostages and their loved ones demanding their return is ignored and Israel’s leadership and military exercises are under constant global scrutiny that is replete with double standards and outright lies.

The Israeli people suffer physical and economic displacement, constant bombardment of rockets from the north and south, on-the-ground terrorist attacks from the east, and criticism and vitriol from world leaders, press agencies, and social media trolls.

They are amid PTSD while mourning 1300 Oct. 7 victims, 600+ service members lost in operations conducted since Oct. 7, and countless wounded, all while maintaining the resolve and clarity to pursue justice and security.  

As we continue to count the days and pray for the captives to be returned, Hamas to be destroyed, Gazans to find Jesus, and peace resume to everyday life in Israel, we implore you all to arm yourselves with reason, critical thinking, and facts.

Be the voice of truth to your community and a source of comfort for the Jewish people and Israel. Search the scriptures and continue to pray so you are a part of God’s will and plan. We don’t pray for God to give us what we want, we pray so we can do what God wants --that we are included in His plans for His glory and all of History. 

Please take some time to arm yourselves with facts and reasoned perspectives. Here you will find links to recent news and commentary reports that you may have missed and likely will NOT see on network TV or talked about in classrooms and at dinner parties:

North America:

Israel and the Middle East:


International/The UN

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