The future history of the world as revealed in my filmed talks is available at a click - see below. By Alan Franklin

A  dozen of my carefully researched Powerpoint presentations  on what in the world is going on – and the reasons why - are available on our home church website. Here is the link:

No, we are never going back to what we liked to think was “normal.” The world has changed and further changes are fast coming.

These are the birth pangs leading up to the return to earth of the Lord Jesus Christ, to rule and reign over the earth from Jerusalem. The devastating changes that are just round the corner will increase in magnitude and happen ever quicker – just like birth pangs.

If you think 2020 has been tumultuous just wait until next year! What is happening has supernatural origins and the Bible calls it The Beginning of Sorrows. The Jews know it as The Time of Jacob’s Troubles as it will climax with the world’s armies combining to wipe out Israel. 

They fail at the Lord’s return and are utterly destroyed. Every nation that attacks Israel is doomed but there are blessings for those who bless Israel as the EU, the UK and other nations should learn.

Here are the titles you can access and watch:-

16/8/20 – Global Panic Means Global Government.

12/7/20 – The Old Normal is Gone – Here Comes the New World Order.

15/3/20 – Was the Coronavirus Foretold in the Bible?

16/2/20 – The Reality of the Supernatural.

19/1/20 – Which Works Best: Man’s Way or God’s Way?

17/11/19 – Where do Believers Spend Eternity – In Heaven or on Earth?

29/9/19 – The Aliens are Coming, or so TV Propaganda Says.

18/8/19 – The Apostate Church and End Times Society.

2/6/19 – There is a Price to Pay

20/1/19 – Is The Rapture Real?

4/11/18 – Why the World is in a Mess and the Solution

19/08/18 – EU Final World Empire



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For the promise to Abraham or to his descendants that he would be heir of the world was not through the Law, but through the righteousness of faith.
Romans 4:13

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