Satan's mood music, mixed up genders, mixed up beliefs and mixed up people. There's a reason for all this! By Alan Franklin.

Pat and I have been journalists and authors for about 50 years. We started reporting when the world was relatively sane, but already on the dizzying descent to today's shambles.

This was in the 60s, when the spiritual mood changed.  We usually only watch old films, as the modern ones are often vile, loaded with sexual content, blasphemy and the occult.

You can tell from the soundtrack music that around 1962 the tone changed. The mood music became different and darker, the content coarser. Now this music has risen to a crescendo.

Satan uses music a great deal as it has a profound influence on people's moods. I saw this as a rock group drummer, from my perch behind the rest of the group. Once you had an audience with you, they would do things like wave at your suggestion.

People are easily led and there are fewer sources of sound, sane advice and information.

The Twitter/Facebook generation sometimes seems to have an attention span marginally longer than that of a fly. Many are unable to absorb serious facts, or assess right or wrong, because they are taught not to judge anything.  Except, of course, the only total truth in the world; that contained in the Holy Bible.

That must be curbed and kicked out of schools. Brainwashing the young has been successfully achieved. They nearly all believe in the global warming myth that is preparing the world for action from the coming world government.

Global problems can only be tackled by global govenment, the propaganda outlets, formerly known as the media, will tell us.

In politics seriously unpleasant and unsuitable people are running for President of the USA (again!). Such folk would have been a laughing stock - if not in jail - in previous generations, when true Christian  influence was more prevalent.

The Obamanation, whose religion at his Indonesian school was declared to be Islamic, came to London, giving his non-wisdom. He took a "town hall" meeting where the attendees often seemed to be misfits, malcontents and the sexually mixed up. Typical supporters then.

As he said that the United Kingdom should remain in the EU- the Revived Roman Empire foreseen by Daniel - you know that the best thing to do is the opposite.This is where the Antichrist will soon arise.

The UK's voters took exception to the Obamanation lecturing us, so voted to leave the EU, of course. Whether we will is another story....

The one world government, also known as The New World Order, is fast approaching, with nation states a thing of the past. This is why vast groups of nations are giving up most of their independence in everything from agreeing to implement UN decrees, the brainwashing of their countries' children and ceding control over their money and borders.

Satan loves blurring the lines in all areas, from sex to nationality, right and wrong, true and false religion and much else.

Satan and his demons, the fallen angels, are roaring round the world desperately bent on the subversion and destruction of the human race. The reason for their urgency and the frantic fast forward pace of change is that they know their time is short. The Lord Jesus Christ is soon returning and their destination will be the bottomless pit.

I could go on, but will speak more about some of this on Wednesday, November 30, at The Silver Birch Chapel in Andover.

I will be glad to greet readers at any venue where I am invited to speak. I travel to America every year and accept speaking engagements if possible.Time is short friends - arm yourselves with the facts!


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'I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing. If anyone does not abide in Me, he is thrown away as a branch and dries up; and they gather them, and cast them into the fire and they are burned.'
John 15:5,6

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