Texas doctors expose Covid truth as the state tries to stop vaccine mandate

This Texas committee was discussing Texas Senate Bill 1669 which would prohibit vaccine mandates and prohibit all discrimination based on vaccination status.

It would protect the rights of people who chose not to be vaccinated, enabling them to keep their jobs, continue in education etc, and live their lives normally.

The point was made that if someone had not received a vaccination, it did not mean that they were sick or were a threat to anyone’s health and safety.

Other salient points made at the hearing:

.  Covid vaccinations are not FDA approved

. They are taken at your own risk

. Manufacturers, medical personnel etc are all protected from any liability if something goes wrong

.  Deaths from vaccinations were as follows:  85 in 2017; 119 in 2018; 203 in 2019; 3,362  from the Covid vaccines in five months from December 2020 to April 2021.

.  VAERS, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System reported more Covid vax deaths in those five months than deaths from all vaccines over 15 years from 1997 to 2013

.  VAERS also reported 1,000 heart attacks and 8,000 hospitalisations

.  In 1976 45 million people were vaccinated for swine flu.  When 53 died the program was halted as being too risky.

  Dr Richard Bartlett gave evidence.  He said:

.  In January 2020 people with Covid symptoms were told to stay home

.  By the time they got worse and ended in the hospitals, 90 percent were dying on ventilators

.  But early therapeutic outpatient intervention was very effective

.  Inhaled Budesonide at home meant that 90 percent of patients did not need hospitalization

.  Budesonide is safe, cheap, available and effective – and FDA approved

.  Oxford University did two studies, including a randomized control trial, showing the overwhelming success of Budesenide early intervention helping people recover quickly

.  Budesonide has been around for 28 years and is even used to treat premature babies

.  We turned to vaccinations in the past if there was no treatment; we have treatments for Covid

.  Dr Bartlett saw no Covid patients in a weekend E.R. shift, but he saw people with vaccine complications.

The complications included shortness of breath, temporary neurologic complications in which the legs did not work and the patient fell flat, dizziness, feeling like they would pass out.  Patients as young as 18 were coming in.

.  Dr Ben Edwards gave evidence and said that:

.  Forced vaccination was a violation of the Nuremberg Code (1947)  

.  Also a violation of the U.N. International Code on Civil and Political Rights Act

.  Also violation of U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 3

.  Also violation of Unesco Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights Article 6

.  Swine flu vaccinations were stopped in 1976 as too risky after 53 people died and 500 cases of paralysis

.  He (Dr Edwards) received numerous reports from people whose relations had the vaccine and within hours or a few days suffered from stroke, heart attack or sudden death, and these were not reported as vaccine related as far as the families knew.

.   Concern over under reporting of adverse reactions to vaccine

Our questions: 

. Could 90 percent of the Covid hospital deaths have been avoided by early outpatient treatment with Budesonide or other effective therapies like Ivermection? 

. Have 3 million people died needlessly?

.  Why were the governments not listening when doctors were trying to get this information out?

The point was also made that Texas and probably many other places now have herd immunity.  If an immune person is vaccinated, they have a 2-3 times greater risk of adverse reactions. P.F.



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