So is the Middle East conflict leading to the Ezekiel 38/9 invasion?

Israel's enemies and unbalanced speculation - By Jan Markell

Prophecy lovers are searching the Bible for connections to the Mid East conflict as it relates to the Bible. While significant events are predicted in the Bible that relate to such wars, be careful with unbalanced speculation. Such speculation that then doesn't come to pass has caused many to toss the entire subject onto the ash heap of history.

But here are some thoughts to ponder: * Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is quoted in The Jerusalem Post as saying that he, "hopes for an 'eternal covenant' signed between Israel and its neighbors" even in the midst of a raging war! While this raises red flags about the covenant of Daniel 9:27 when Antichrist fools Israel into such an act, Antichrist is not yet on the scene. And yet the statement is a significant one. It is setting the stage for a climate in Israel for peace at any cost and under any circumstances. That signing officially kicks off the Tribulation--Daniel's 70th Week. * Eschatology (Bible prophecy)

Web sites, including this one, are setting new records for visitors. People are watching, wondering, and asking questions. Some of us have been ridiculously accused of trying to "hasten the end times" as I was on air recently. Don't fall into the "I predict" category as we still see through a glass darkly. (I Cor. 13:12). Avoid the sensational and please don't be dogmatic to inquiring friends. * Isaiah 17 states, "Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap," and Amos 1:3 says, "Thus saith the Lord: For three transgressions of Damascus, I will not turn away punishment thereof."

This is going to happen eventually, timing unknown. Presently, it is likely this would only happen if Syria got involved with her chemical weapons inflicting massive damage on Israel and her people. Israel could be tempted to retaliate with nuclear weapons but don't rush to judgment. This would be a last resort as that would invite a wider war. Yet she must protect her people and send a message that the tiny Jewish state is not up for grabs by her power-hungry neighbors. * CNN announced that a manuscript dating back to 800-1000 AD has been discovered in Ireland and that it was opened to Psalm 83.

This describes a scenario of an end-time battle where most of Israel's neighbors come against her in a last days' war. You can view it in a film presentation here: All the players are listed. I do NOT believe the current tension is leading to Psalm 83 as much of the Arab world is opposed to terrorist actions, realizing they are orchestrated by Iran and Syria. Iran is not Arab, though it is Muslim.

The Arab world is beginning to be alarmed at the rapid climb of power-hungry Iran and her insane leader Achmadinejad. That is yet a future war unrelated to the current conflict. * Strong Delusion! Israel's Prime Minister Olmert has stated that he still plans on a massive West Bank withdrawal. This can only be a part of the great end-time delusion the Bible often refers to (II Thess. 2:11). No clear-thinking person or leader would be engaged in a dispute affecting hundreds of thousands of his people and still announce that he plans to appease the evil-doers even more! The end-time clock is moving ahead.

There are those in Israel dying of heart attacks, a reminder of the Luke 21 reference when last days' events will cause men's heart to fail them for fear. To the believer, we know that "when you see these things begin to come to pass, look up and know your redemption draws nigh" (Luke 21:28).

Alan Franklin adds (written in January 2008): Jan Markell's excellent article echoes what I feel about the present conflict. This is part of what I said today to an e-mailer who asked if the conflict would end in the Gog-Magog invasion of Israel by Russia and its allies:As we now have lots of relatives in Israel this question of yours is of great interest.

You can certainly see the seeds of this event building up. The world hates Israel and Jewish people generally - I sense this very strongly, even in Britain and America. Even today someone who does a radio program told me that his support for Israel gets him a prize selection of hate mail. I have experienced the same thing. I think the Russian invasion is a few years off yet. I am first expecting the total collapse of America - coming very soon.America has to be removed as a world force before the end times really roll.

You have to study trade and economics as well as prophecy to really sense what is happening - and what is happening is the forthcoming Greater Depression. The slide in house prices will turn into something much bigger.I am 100 certain of this, by the way. So I suppose my answer is - not really, although it is all straws in the wind. Israel is more isolated than any country in history, for reasons that are not rational but supernatural. AF


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