Don’t believe all the climate claptrap –in the 70s there were dire warnings that we were heading for a new Ice Age.

An Ice Age is coming! Remember that fearful prediction from the 1970's? Leonard Nimoy was featured in a documentary in the 70's predicting the coming Ice Age. That prediction was wrong, and many others about global warming also failed to come true.

For more details watch the entire episode at:  We support Creation ministry, their  website and books. They put information on our Christian news section.

 Our book Cults and Isms, True or False? (available from our web shop) gives easy to follow information about the  climate policies that are being thrust upon the world. This propaganda, which is not fact-based, is being used to set up a totalitarian world government which will restrict everything from our movements to our diets.

The Cults book features easy-to-follow Tables of Truth which  shoot holes in all the disinformation being put out by false religions. These include green fundamentalism.

We hope every true Christian knows this is the age of deception leading up to the last of the Last Days.

We have done the research that helps you  stand against the lies. Remember, the idea that without drastic population reduction and total restriction on our movements the world is doomed is being used for the biggest ever clampdown on freedom.

This includes  forcing dietry change - don't eat meat but try insect burgers!

Bill Gates thinks that moving away from meat consumption is good for the planet where he is probable the most powefrul individual.I wonder how many insect  burgers Gates consumes?

I watched a TED talk where Gates and Kissinger said the world population must be reduced to 500 million.That means about 7.5 billion  of us must be eliminated, which is one purpose of the deadlyCovid jabs.Gates mentioned that vaccinations could achieve some of this.

When I looked up his talk to get his precise words it has been taken off the web. A little too upfront perhaps? My talks are mostly now off the web as they told the truth about deadly Covid Jabs.

Free speech? even Robert F Kennedy Jnr is prevented from telling the truth about vaccination damage. When he was interviewed by ABC News as a candidate for the US Presidency they cut out all his Covid comments.No, freedom of speech  has been abolished.

Please send links to this article round your friends and contacts.We need to get truth out to the world.





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'Whoever receives a child in My name receives Me, and whoever receives Me receives Him who sent Me; for the one who is least among all of you, this is the one who is great.'
Luke 9:48

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