Do the research and pass the Ivermectin! by Pat Franklin

On the one hand – Ivermectin, a safe, harmless, cheap cure (and also preventative) for Covid.  On the other hand - experimental vaccines  containing a protein spike which is said by some experts to be  toxic,  to collect in breast milk, ovaries, adrenals etc, and  even cross the blood/brain barrier to get into your brain.  Pass the Ivermectin, please.


The big trouble with Ivermectin is that we can't get hold of any!  A farmer friend in the UK says that he noticed stocks of it were shrinking and it was not so readily available once it became known that it cured Covid.

For us ordinary folk  it was never available, certainly not now.  Yet in parts of India it is being given out in $2.65 home kits, along with Doxycyline and a zinc supplement.  I would happily pay 10 times that.    How strange that parts of the third world should be better led and better supplied than we are in this strange time.

Thanks to the web, you can learn from doctors across the globe who are courageous enough to go on Youtube and try to save lives by broadcasting the data.

They are not all against the jab, but the vaccines are experimental and the companies making them are legally protected from any claim against them if it all goes wrong and you end up paralyzed,  blind or dead.   None of the vaccines have been sufficiently tested.  No one knows the long term effects.

.  None of the vaccines give you immunity!  But the makers are immune from prosecution.

.  None of the vaccines are FDA approved.

.  You accept the vaccine at your own risk.

.  3,362 deaths related to Covid vaccines in only 4 months – Dec 2020 to April 2021

Heartbreakingly, most of the medical info sites I visit and learn from have pitifully few subscribers. 

If you are not yet clued up on Ivermectin and other Covid issues, please google up: Dr. Paul Marik; Dr. Pierre Kory;  FLCCC (Front Line Covid 19 Critical Care Alliance); Dr Tess Lawrie;  Dr Suryakant, Head of the largest hospital in India;  Dr Peter McCullough in the US;  Dr Pinkey Feinstein in Israel;  Dr Ben Edwards;  Dr Richard Bartlett.   And many other top doctors and scientists. 

Also look up the Texas State Senate Committee on State Affairs with doctors testifying on these matters.

Look up VAERS – Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

VAERS  is the source which reported 3,362 deaths in the US from Covid vaccines in the first 4 months of 2021.

Please do some of your own research.  And then – put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, Creator of all things, Redeemer, Savior, and soon and coming King.

Be ready to go, because He will be here soon, and I am not saying this inadvisedly.  All the signs He told us to watch for are here on earth now for the first time in human history.

If you are in a church that does not teach anything about the Rapture, nothing about Bible prophecy, you must do your own research and study. 

There are excellent teachers on the web .  Pray to find the good ones.  I am not a Calvinist (who would want that man’s name around their neck?  Or any name except that of Jesus?), but I love the teaching of Dr John Barnett, of dtbm – Discover The Book Ministries.  I found him in lockdown, and he is excellent.

Also I listen to Chuck Smith, now with the Lord.  I have lots of his Through the Bible teachings on a little MP3 device.  And  Dr Vernon McGee, also with the Lord.  His teachings are on , through the entire Bible.

Those are just a few, but there are lots more.  On TV there is Christ in Prophecy on Daystar (Thursdays at 4 the UK), with Dr Dave Reagan, who just retired to write more books, Col. Tim Moore and Nathan Jones.

There is SWRC, Southwest Radio Church in Oklahoma City, keeping people up to date with Bible prophecy unfolding in the world now. 

And lots more.  We are spoiled for choice these days.

And what a time it is for telling people about the Lord Jesus, that He is coming back and pandemics (pestilences) are one sign of that.  People are open as never before in my lifetime.

Hardly a day goes by without someone, at a check-out till or at our front door making a delivery, standing and listening with both ears while I tell them the gospel and what they must believe to be saved.  Two yesterday - a 17-year-old boy at a check-out.  He took the 'Passport to Heaven' which I make and also the Final Generation tract which I also make.

Then a lady stopped to talk as she walked by our front garden.  She ended up sitting on our patio, just hungry to know more about Jesus and wanting desperately to know that she was saved.  She took the two tracts, a book, a print-out I wrote about fossils and the Flood of Noah, and a CD of Morcombe Bible Church Sunday Club singing their hearts out at their Sunday School. 

People will listen now - you just have to start talking to them.  Try saying something like:  'How are you doing in all this?'  'Did you know it's in the Bible and pandemics are one of the signs we're supposed to be watching for (Matthew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13 give lots of signs)?'  'Jesus gave us lots of signs to watch for, and they're all here now, for the first time in history.' 

If they're not interested, they will say so, and just shut up.  But I have found that most of the people I come across actually listen, although it is only for a few minutes at a check-out register.

You probably heard of that beautiful piece of music, the Minute Waltz.  Mine is a Minute Gospel sometimes, but usually I can stretch it out to 4 or 5 minutes.



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