The global meltdown will lead to a worldwide police state with a one world dictator. But when? Alan Franklin ponders the question.

What’s coming fast down the pike? A world-wide police state! Our friend and mentor Barry Smith from New Zealand spotted this over 40 years ago and travelled the world warning about  the looming New World Order. Barry died, on a preaching tour of Britain in 2002, but were he with us today he would jump up excitedly, clap his hands and exclaim: “Cash is about to crash!” 



Most people are too sedated by sport or soap operas to be much interested. They are dimly aware some kind of crisis is going on, centred on the Eurozone- 17 nations which ditched their own money and adopted the Euro as their common currency. I was there, reporting in Brussels, when the vote was taken. It was almost as if the MEPS - Members of the European Parliament –were hypnotized. I recall no dissenting voices as the famous currencies of Europe were scrapped. 



Afterwards myself and another journalist were invited to lunch with six MEPS. I said history had just been made. Then I said: “You have one currency, one parliament, one leader, so what happens next?” They looked baffled. So I answered my own question: “One leader, then, when things get tough, one fuhrer….the  one who will become Antichrist.” 



As times get more troubled there will be more central control. Europe will get fiscal as well as monetary union- the only way the tottering finances of nations like Spain, Italy, Portugal and so on can be shored up. It takes a crisis to make great leaps forward in “The Project,” which is what eurofanatics call the European Union. Countries that give up all control of their budgets are effectively just colonies, which suits the German masters of the European Central Bank well. For Germany will have succeeded by diplomacy and financial control in taking over Europe at last - without a shot being fired. 



The idea of one Europe with one government, one currency and one leader was a Nazi idea and it is coming to pass if you read today’s headlines. And as I am writing this in Israel, where I am about to journey to Jerusalem, home of The Holocaust Memorial  Museum, this has added poignancy for our family: our three little granddaughters are Israelis. 



The coming tyranny will not be confined to Europe: it will rapidly become global. As money melts down, untold millions lose their jobs, homes are repossessed and mobs riot in the streets - coming soon to a district near you –people will be clamoring for strong leadership. They will get it- but they won’t enjoy it. Martial law will soon be here, I predict. 



To understand what is happening, follow the money. My friend Justin, in Northern Ireland, was as puzzled as most people about why the world is teetering on a precipice. He wrote:  “If the world is in debt, who exactly are we in debt to? It can’t be a country if all of the world is in debt! Is it one man or a syndicate of people or what? It is something I can’t find an answer for. It just doesn’t make sense to me.



“If the answer is simple I do apologize but I can’t see it. I would appreciate your help on this matter.” My answer was long, but in a nutshell was: “Well, take America. America's biggest creditor is China, followed by Japan, then Britain! Governments have got into the habit of living beyond their means, which means they - and most of the people - borrow to have things now that they really cannot afford.


“Japan is the world's biggest debtor but owes most of its money to its own people, who get a paltry return for investing in government debt.
Britain issues gilts, or treasuries, which means they are certificates paying a certain amount of interest depending on how many years the loan is for.

“Pension funds buy a lot of these, despite the fact that returns right now are minimal. This is one reason why people are getting lower pensions. Our own pensions were cut by a third this year, despite the fact that we earned the money and I manage the funds. This is because the actuaries are made to calculate our pensions based on what the money would earn if invested in government bonds.


“Banks use funds they have, or get from central banks, to invest back in government securities and so on. Trouble is, many of these have proven not to be very secure. For example, if banks bought Greek debt at £1 they will perhaps get back 50 pence, as the country has defaulted on its loans.

“Banks lend a lot to each other, thus taking on what is known as counterparty risk. This means that, say, if a London bank lends £100 million to a Greek bank (and it fact it is tens of billions) and the Greek bank cannot  make a repayment, London bank takes a large hit.

“Even Chinese banks have lent wildly to property speculators and, when that bubble bursts, it will be many times bigger than the trouble in Ireland and Spain, where exactly the same has happened.

“Every single person in the world, every government, every country, every bank and every company is involved and heavily affected by all this.” 


Global problems will call for global solutions, which is what the whole simmering stew is boiling up to. And have you noticed, over the decades, how more and more small companies are being gobbled up by a few huge corporations? Coca-Cola rules the world soft drinks business, chemical companies like Monsanto have a huge grip on genetically altered seeds, a few giant banks largely manipulate global finance, and so on. 


The catalyist will be global economic collapse, which could well happen in 2012 as the engineered  meltdown is brought to fruition. This plan has been a long time in the making, dating way back before secret world government plotters like The Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers and The Trilateral Commission came into being. Timothy Geithner is a member of all three by the way, so watch him closely.


The world is going global. For example, a group of airlines, including British Airways and American Airways, are linked in the One World Partnership, sharing a display booth at Heathrow, London, showing all their motifs. Fly on one airline and you get credited with air miles on all of them- we just did this.


Global government, global corporations, global currency – one step on from the Euro, which will eventually go –and a global dictator. The reason I am so certain of all this is that the Bible says it will happen. Read Revelation 13;16 onwards. Never before in history was there a time when the whole world could be controlled by a computer chip inserted in people’s hands or on their foreheads. The Bible calls this ”the mark of the beast,” for it will be a symbol that the wearer has accepted the authority of Antichrist, the most wicked man in history. Accept it and you will be able to buy and sell. But you will also be doomed to hellfire, since by accepting the mark you will have rejected the Lord Jesus Christ.


Again, this gives a clue to our real trouble: spiritual ignorance, apostasy and churches which no longer do the job of proclaiming the true Gospel. Once you get spiritual decline, national decline follows rapidly, as we set out in more detail in our books, like 'Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain', available from our web shop.


Once you have spiritual darkness, as is the case all across Europe and much of the rest of the world, wild, wacky and evil notions replace Godly truth and common sense. Students leave school unable to write or speak coherently, but knowing a lot about global (non) warming and sex education. They are not taught to think clearly or evaluate things as these are old fashioned ideas, based on the Biblical concept of right and wrong. You can graduate in Britain and America while being barely able to read.  Not difficult to see how most of the people are about to be fooled most of the time, when the Man of Sin emerges as world leader. When will that happen? I have no idea, nor am I a prophet. But I have the feeling the time is close.


At the turn of the millennium, when we were being bombarded by idiotic government claims about “the millennium bug”, I wrote a newspaper column saying: Don’t worry, come 2000 the lights will be on and the planes flying. Now just relax and look forward to the 21st century.'  I just sensed that this was not the coming meltdown.


Eleven years on, we are that much close to the climax of world history – the end times. You have been warned. Now you should get right with God, while there is yet time and the freedom to do so and live.

How do you do this?  The Lord Jesus said there is only one way to the Father - through faith in Him.  He will save you, but you must accept His offer of salvation, the amazing free gift whereby you put your faith in Him and He forgives all your sins and makes you one of His people. 

Noah got into the Ark and escaped the worldwide Flood, God's judgement on the ancient world.  Jesus is the Ark now, and only faith in Him will save you from God's final judgement on this evil world.

Here is a good prayer: ''Lord Jesus, I want to accept Your offer of eternal salvation. Please forgive all my sins (name them, however painful this may be) and  make me one of Your people.'


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