Ancient Aliens? ETs? Here is the Truth by Pat Franklin

‘Ancient aliens’ and ‘extraterrestrials’ (ETs), with their ugly grey faces and goggle eyes, are infesting the TV airwaves lately, and in this article I am going to tell the truth about them – who they are, where they came from, and what they are doing here on earth.

I’m sorry to have to say that they really are here. I wish they weren’t, but they’ve been here a long time, and they have a specific goal. They are not what you might think, and it is time we knew the truth. Much of this will sound preposterous, but it is true.

Many aspects of this are clear to me, but some things are still blurry and out of focus, so I am praying for better understanding, and I hope you are doing this too.

The TV programs are to do with origins – how did man originate? Did superior beings from other planets come to earth eons ago and ‘seed’ the world with organic life? Are they coming back? Are they still here, watching us from flying saucers, hiding under the sea or in caves? Are they friendly?

Evidence presented for their existence is: eye witness testimony of people who say they’ve seen them and even been abducted by them; radar blips and sightings of UFOs; ancient stone carvings and statues; enormous stone edifices.

Now – the truth. To understand all this we have to go to the book of Genesis, the book of beginnings.

Our rock of truth is the Bible and all we need is contained in its pages. It is the straight Word of God, undiluted truth. With diligent study and good teachers we can all understand how, why and when the universe was created, what happened in ancient times, how we came to be here, and what is expected of us. We can know all the essentials.

Answers to the ‘ancient alien’ questions are certainly in the Bible, especially in the books of Genesis, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelation.

Our trouble is that we have turned away from the Bible and do not want to take it literally, but unless a passage is clearly symbolic or using a figure of speech, you can simply believe what it says, and you will soon learn the true identity of the ancient aliens and how you can protect yourself from them.

The very first line of the Bible is thrown out by so many today. ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’

Just accept it, folks! Believe it. God, Elohim in Hebrew, meaning the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, created all things from nothing.

This includes spirit beings as well as mankind (Colossians 1:16). God created different kinds of angels and some beings described as ‘living creatures’, all of whom certainly exist, but do not have physical bodies.

Some of them look like men and others are very strange indeed, some with wings, some with the heads of animals (e.g. Ezekiel chapter 1).

One beautiful angel was Lucifer: Isaiah chapter 14 and Ezekiel chapter 28 tell us about him. He was made partly of jewels and his body parts included musical instruments, as our bodies include our voice box and the ability to sing.

With his great beauty and abilities, Lucifer became so proud that he thought he could supplant God and take God’s place. One- third of the angels followed him (Rev 12:3-9).

These spiritual entities, the fallen angels, have been causing havoc ever since, and they are at the root of many things that mystify us now. They and their offspring, which I will get to in a minute, are the ancient aliens.

There is controversy over the time of the angels’ creation (one of those blurry parts I wish I understood better).

But during creation week the ‘sons of God’, the angels, shouted for joy (Job 38:7). Were these only the good angels or all the angels before Lucifer rebelled? I don’t know.

In six 24 hour days God (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit) made all that we know as the universe and the world (Genesis 1). He did not need billions of years. And it was all good!

Adam was created in the image of God (from dust!) on the sixth day and given stewardship over God’s world to look after it. Eve was to be Adam’s companion and helper (and that is still the main role of women today).

Maybe that is what stuck in Lucifer’s craw – that man (a creature of dust!) was the supreme steward of the perfect, beautiful earth. Maybe that is when he rebelled, or it could have been sooner. One day we will know everything!

Then came the catastrophic fall of man (Genesis 3). Eve was tricked into breaking the only rule God gave them and Adam willingly joined her, bringing God’s curse upon the earth. 

Many teachers believe that Adam’s act of deliberate disobedience enabled Satan to grab dominion of the earth from him. Don’t forget that Satan offered the Lord Jesus all the kingdoms of the earth (gospel of Matthew 4:8,9). Jesus did not correct him, but refused to worship him. 

The Fall of Man was disastrous, but even then God had a plan, the plan of redemption, to redeem mankind and restore the earth. His plan was to send the Savior, the Messiah, His only begotten Son, the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, so that all who believe in Him will have eternal life! (gospel of John chapter 3).

Genesis 3:15 is the first prophecy in the Bible. The seed of the woman (the Messiah, Jesus) would bruise the serpent’s (Satan’s ) head and the seed of the serpent would bruise Messiah’s heel. This happened at Calvary.

Satan tried to circumvent this by polluting the bloodline of mankind, so that no seed of women would be left!

This truly diabolical plan resulted in Genesis 6:4, when some of the fallen angels somehow had relations with human women, and a monstrous race came from them, the Nephilim, the ‘ mighty men’ or ‘men of renown’. 

This is a controversial interpretation since angels cannot procreate.  How this happened is a mystery. Some think perhaps the fallen angels took possession of men's bodies.  No one really knows the mechanics.

The perverted, fallen angels who initiated this were all imprisoned under the earth in a place the Bible calls Tartarus (2 Peter 2:4), one of four sections inside the earth.i They are still imprisoned there today. But the rest of the fallen angels are unfortunately still here.

But take heart, dear friends! For every one of the bad angels, there are two good angels standing ready to do God’s will at every moment. I would put a smiley face here if I knew how to put one in!

Meanwhile the monstrous Nephilim beings ( probably giants) were alive, the offspring of fallen angels and human women, and these horrible beings were not sterile, but were breeding.

They may well be the source of many legends of superhuman entities like the so-called ‘gods’ of Greece, Rome and India.

Genesis 6 also tells us that ‘all flesh’ was corrupted (Genesis 6:12) other than Noah (Genesis 6:9). Some teachers think this may mean that everyone else had Nephilim DNA, and so had to be eliminated. 

So Satan was trying to prevent the coming of the Messiah by polluting mankind and his first big attempt was Gen 6:4, the monstrous Nephilim. God’s response was to send the Flood of Noah upon the whole earth.

The Flood was all over the globe and 21 feet above the highest hill (Genesis 7:20), and it was the ‘extinction event’ you hear mentioned on many programs about fossils.

There is abundant evidence all over the world of the Flood, not least in the KT Boundary,, a layer found all round the globe. All the fossils, including the dinosaurs, are under the KT Boundary. Above it: no fossils.

Incontrovertible evidence, I would say, wouldn’t you? Think about it! There really was a worldwide Flood as described in the book of Genesis! 

Experts say that 95% of species were destroyed in the ‘extinction event’. How they can possibly arrive at this precise figure I do not know, so I wonder if it was just plucked out of thin air by someone and then taken up and repeated by others.

The other night I heard a famous physicist on TV raise that figure to 98%. Can I have a list of these extinct species please? And could you highlight the extra 3 % in bold? Duh. So much of what passes for science today is just fantasy.

The Bible, on the other hand, is factual, literal, and totally trustworthy, as the fantasy merchants will one day learn to their cost.

Anyway, after the Flood settled down, Noah and his wife and their three sons and daughters-in-law had the job of beginning all over again on an empty planet.

So far, so terrible. The Flood took place about 2350 BC according to the genealogies in Genesis, and that is only about 1650 years after God made the world.ii

What, not millions and billions of years? Of course not! That is just a ridiculous fairy tale. We have written about this in our books and in other articles on this website, so I’m not going over all that again.

One of the leaders of the church we attend in England has made a chart clearly showing the timeline of antiquity from Adam to Joseph such that it is easy to see who was alive when. Since the normal lifespan was so long before the Flood, it is eye opening to see who was alive at the same time.

For example, Noah was still alive during the lifetime of Abraham’s father Terah! Abraham’s dad could have heard all about the Flood first hand! And Noah’s son Shem was alive during Abraham’s life, so he too could have heard all the details first hand in about 2000 B.C.!

You can see how useful and important a time chart is.

So we now know who the ‘ancient aliens’ are: Satan and his minions. They are the so-called ‘extraterrestrials’ (ETs).

They did not arrive from outer space to ‘seed’ life on earth and watch us evolve for billions of years. Yawn. That is just one of their many lies originating with Satan, the Father of Lies according to the Lord Jesus.

The ETs ( Satan and his hordes) are organized into principalities and powers, rulers of the darkness of this world ‘ (Ephesians 6:12).

For example, we know there is a demon over Iran, called the Prince of Persia in the book of Daniel (10:13), but the archangel Michael, who watches over Israel (Daniel 12:1), is stronger than that evil entity.

The evil fallen angels have been hanging around from the time they rebelled against God.

They are our enemies. 1 Peter 5:8 tells us that Satan goes about as a roaring lion seeking who he may devour. Don’t let it be you!

The Lord Jesus said Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy (gospel of John 10:10). The demons know they are damned, and they want to take us with them. For that is their goal, their great prize - the destruction of your soul.

But we are not at their mercy. They are spiritual beings and we have spiritual armor (Ephesians chapter 6).

The Bible tells us how to defeat them, for James 4:7 says: ‘Resist the devil and he will flee from you.’ He is, after all, a defeated foe, defeated at the cross of Calvary. Colossians 2:15 tells us that the Lord Jesus disarmed the demons at the cross.

We know that Satan’s days are numbered, for he will be chained in the Abyss, the bottomless pit, for 1,000 years (book of Revelation chapter 20) when the Lord Jesus comes back to begin His 1,000 year reign on the earth He Himself made.

So there it is. What are you going to do about it?

I hope that you will get a Bible and start learning about God and His Son, over whom the ‘ancient aliens’ have no power at all!

Evil, unseen beings are hanging around trying to trip us up, and who has not given in to some of their temptations? Romans 3:23 says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

But the most amazing thing in the world is that despite our sins, if we put our faith in Jesus to forgive us, He actually does! He forgives us!

You want to get in on this, folks! The offer is on now; today is the day of salvation. Tomorrow may be too late; none of us knows what day might be our last.

Just think – sins forgiven, heaven guaranteed, eternal life with our wonderful Savior whose kingdom will have no end! Knowing His love and joy like billows enfolding us; being part of His great family of believers; praising Him forever and ever – our Savior, Redeemer, Lord and King.

This glittering future is all undeserved, but all completely certain because Jesus Himself has promised these things for His followers. 

It is what we are made for. I thank God for allowing me to know all this and to know Him as my Father.

Jesus said that whoever comes to Him, He will never cast away (John 6:37). Whoever comes - no matter what you may have done, said, thought. If He did not cast me away (as I deserved), He will certainly not turn you away either.

Young, old, good person, bad person – the invitation is there to put your trust in Jesus.

Or you could just ignore all this. But that is a de facto rejection of the Lord Jesus!

Meanwhile parts of the media are now edging us towards believing in extra terrestrials in flying saucers, ancient aliens, and such rubbish.

The thing is – we do need an explanation about origins, and evolution is now a dead duck, although the schools and textbooks blunder ahead with it. Darwin is just not an option any more.

After all, DNA and so many other modern discoveries have revealed extremely complex designs, all of which have to be in place and fully functioning at the same time for life to exist at all. At the same time! No time to ‘evolve’.

So evolution is yesterday’s false theory, now kaput, as any honest scientist should now be admitting.

So, our origin HAS to have a designer! God tells us in His great book that He is that loving, wonderful Designer. Or you can choose to believe it was a monstrous race of goggle eyed little grey men from the Planet Zog.

I was wondering what would be found to replace evolution, and now here it is on various TV channels – the ancient aliens, the ETs (cue for creepy sci fi music).

So, dear reader, which do you choose to believe - the truth of the Bible or the ancient aliens? God or the devil?

As Joshua and later Elijah said in the Bible: ‘Choose this day who you will serve!’ I already made my choice.

Coming up if we have time: a few more articles on UFOs, giants, megaliths etc. Watch this space, as they say!


i The four compartments of the underworld, or Sheol, deep in the earth, as described in the Bible are: Tartarus, where the fallen angels of Genesis 6 are imprisoned (2 Peter 2:4); Torments, generally known as Hell, where dead people are still conscious and are in agony, including the rich man (Luke 16:23); Paradise or Abraham’s bosom (Luke 16:22), where the spirits of the righteous dead were comfortably waiting until the Messiah, the Lord Jesus, descended and took them all out of there and up to Heaven after the crucifixion (that compartment has been empty ever since); and finally the Abyss or bottomless pit, where Satan will be chained for 1,000 years (Rev 20) while our Lord Jesus establishes His wondrous kingdom at last and reigns on the earth with His saints.

ii God has given us so much precise information in His Word, and so much of this is verifiable today! You don’t need faith to believe in Noah’s Flood. You just need a brain. You wonder how God can put up with this rebellious world much longer.



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