Time is running out- by Pat Franklin

‘There is a time we know not when, a line we know not where; that marks the destiny of men ‘twixt sorrow and despair.  There is a line though by men unseen, once it has been crossed, even God Himself in all of His love, has sworn that all is lost.’

Pastor Chuck Smith read this out to his Calvary Chapel congregation and said:  ‘It is possible for a man to go over that point of no return, where God gives him up to his own blindness, turns him over to his own folly and allows him to go – and he cannot believe.  A very tragic condition indeed.’

This is the point people reach where they cannot believe, not that they will not, but cannot, because  God has given them up.

Chuck was teaching on Isaiah chapters 43-45, a section of scripture about idols made by people who then worship the work of their own hands.  God points out that this is totally illogical.  It is also totally offensive to Him, the God who made all things, including us.

The first time I read the Old Testament as a new believer, I could not understand the many warnings about worshipping idols, as in my ignorance I could not conceive of any modern person doing something so stupid. 

I was wrong.  Millions of people today are that stupid.  Throughout Asia, people are still worshipping idols, figures made out of wood, stone and even paper.  And they actually pray to them!

Many people from India have settled in Britain over the years, and in the homes of some I have seen china cabinets containing little statues of their ‘gods’.  They pray to them and burn incense to them! 

Foolish westerners put statues of Buddha in their gardens. 

One British aristocrat carried a crystal in her pocket for good luck.  Some put their faith in St. Christopher medals or four leaf clover charms.  Any old piece of junk rather than trusting God.

We think we are so smart, and we would never dream of kneeling to a statue (although Catholics do!).  But we also refuse to bend our knees to the one true and living God who made the universe!  We prefer instead to believe in the unscientific lie that everything came from dust and gas exploding billions of years ago.  What nonsense.

All so stupid, such a poke in the eye to God who created us all and quite rightly expects us to acknowledge Him.

Is that so hard?  NO!  Just get on your knees and do it before it is too late!  We only get so many chances, you know.  This may be your last chance to turn to God, to accept the Lord Jesus as your savior.  There may come a time when He will give you up to your own desires and then it will be too late.

The Bible makes perfect sense.  Chuck Smith once said: ‘I love the Bible.  It tells the truth!’  Yes, it tells us the history of the universe, how God made everything out of nothing.  He did not need any explosion, or indeed billions of years.

From the scriptures we can work out the approximate time of His creation week, and it perfectly conforms to archeology.

He also reveals how He destroyed the earth with water and began again with only eight people.  The evidence of the Flood is all over the earth for those with eyes to see and brains to think.

His holy book, the Bible, tells us how He formed a nation from one man, Abraham, so that He could reveal Himself to that nation and get it ready for the coming of His Son, Jesus.

And then – Jesus, the perfect man, the perfect revelation of God Himself!  To think that God Himself would be willing to be born as a human, to lower Himself to our level so that we could know Him! 

To think that God Himself in the form of Jesus would  be willing to take the punishment we all deserve and die on a Roman cross!  To think that God loved us that much!

And to think that all we have to do is turn to Him, put our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, full of love, light and life!  To think He would make it so easy for us, and still we object, turn up our noses at Him and refuse to even consider asking Him to forgive us.

To think we continue to give God the cold shoulder!  Who do we think we are? 

Time to get serious, folks.  Time to get right with God.  Time to get on that narrow way that leads to eternal life and get off the broad way that leads to destruction.

A prayer:  Lord God, Creator of all things, please forgive me for not recognizing You and acknowledging You as Creator and God.  Please forgive my terrible sins, all the bad things I did and said and thought.  I want to worship only You.  I want to belong to You.  I put my faith and trust in Your holy Son, the Lord Jesus.  Please, Lord Jesus, I open the door of my heart to You.  Please come in and make me one of Your people!


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But when the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, then He will sit on His glorious throne. All the nations will be gathered before Him...
Matthew 25:31,32

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