There is no "climate emergency!"more green claptrap exposed by a British MP



 At last another prominent British politician, Dame Andrea Jenkyns MP, has brought some facts and sanity to the so-called “Climate Emergency,” a total myth and part of The Big Green Lie machine- the title of a chapter in the book Cults and Isms: True or False? which Pat and I co-wrote and which is for sale in the web shop on this site.

Dame Andrea spoke  on GB News, a British TV news channel, and these are a few highlights from her comments, made to welcome Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s decision to relax some of the targets for reducing carbon dioxide.

Here is a key fact: “Carbon dioxide is not pollution; it is a naturally occurring trace gas essential to life on Earth. It is only one of many factors that might have an impact on the climate.

Many leading scientists, including Nobel Laureate (Physics, 2022) Dr John Clauser, have cast informed doubt on the concept of a “climate crisis”. The legacy media such as the BBC cannot continue to pretend that this debate does not exist.

“When I speak to my constituents it is clear that they are not adversely impacted by climate change. They are adversely affected by policies designed to micro-manage the climate, such as green levies on energy bills......

“I am concerned that the various Climate-related targets, rules, taxes and subsidies that have accumulated since 2008 are having a substantial, negative impact on the finances of working people.

Nor can working people spend £20,000 and more on Electric Vehicles.
Moreover, the cost of green products is not restricted to heavy financial bills.

Take electric vehicles as an example. The batteries require minerals sometimes deriving from child labour, in a supply chain dominated by China.

Closer to home, there are concerns about the de facto enforced move to public transport. How can a mother with three children, and shopping to collect, take the children to see their grandparents if it requires two bus changes and groceries to pick up?

“Behavioural change” is a green code phrase for “reduced living standards”.

Now read the full article on GB News’ website:


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