My friend gave out 150 Gospels of John in three days! -by Pat Franklin

The good news from gloomy UK – my friend phoned on Christmas Eve to tell me that she had given out 150 copies of John’s gospel in the street in her town in three days! 

She offered some to a friend of hers who also was out on the street, but who told her:  ‘ No, you give them; you have an anointing.’  That day in our town I had given out only one, but she has inspired me to keep going.

I am putting this on to encourage anyone out there to get up and do something for the Lord, for the gospel.  In 1981 the Lord spoke three words to me:  ‘You get up.’  I’m reminding myself of that now, and passing it on to you.  

There cannot possibly be much time left before the Lord Jesus comes for the church.  There are rewards to be won, eternal rewards.  Some of you will shine like stars (Daniel 12). 

Satan knows time is short; that is probably why he has clamped our governments and officials of all sorts to enforce draconian rules.  You can dance at a nightclub without a mask and sing for all you’re worth, but wear a mask in church (if we are allowed much longer to even go).   Choirs can sing, strangely, so why not the congregations? 

$300 fine for first offenders who dare to go without a mask, then doubling for each subsequent time.  Visors allowed, but only over a mask!

Satan does not want you out on the street handing out gospels or tracts (if you can find a good one).

My friend even gave a gospel to a muslim man, and he took it.   They have not heard the gospel, folks!  Most of them have never had a chance to read the New Testament and they need to know.

Many of those who accepted gospels were youngsters, and they too had never seen, let alone read, the gospel, and they listened to her and thanked her.

One person put the gospel on a trash bin, but my friend pulled it out and gave it to someone else.

Last week when a group of us were out in one town, it was such hard going.  I realized it was because there were two loathsome individuals, couldn’t tell what they were, men or women, dressed as elves, pulling a sound system up and down the main street with extremely loud music, throwing chocolates out and yelling and dancing in the most disgusting fashion.

They came right up to where I was talking to two young people, drowning my voice out.

Eventually they danced off in a sickening, repulsive way, if you could call it dancing. 

They were dominating the main shopping street.  I thought about just coming home, but instead went in a charity shop for a few minutes and just prayed silently that the Lord would get rid of them.  When I came out, they were gone, praise the Lord!

Once they were gone, the atmosphere just changed, and our whole group noticed that people were now accepting tracts and talking to us.

That was out in a nearby town.  In our actual street, there is a social network on the phone, but they have made it clear that they do not want anything posted  about Jesus or the Bible.  To think I would have agreed with them at one time!  Before Jesus came into my life.

Instead we put out a homemade poster in the front yard.  Dozens, maybe hundreds, of people walk by our yard every day on their way to the park or the shops.

I’ll try to get the poster on here, but it might not work.  It says at the top:  Glory to the Newborn King.

Under that is a star with golden glitter rays shining down on a manger with straw, but I didn’t draw a baby. 

Then at the bottom is the scripture John 3:16:  ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life.’

Some people have stopped to look at it and a few even said they liked it.

So be encouraged, dear friend.  There is always something we can do for the Lord.  He’s coming back soon, and his reward is with him!



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But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of who forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from foods which God has created to be gratefully shared in by those who believe and know the truth. (Forbidding to marry, as the Roman Catholic Church does, is a doctrine of demons.)
1 Timothy 4:1-3

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