Breakfast on the balcony by Pat Franklin

We are in Israel on a family visit and it happens to be the Feast of Trumpets*, so we can hear one of the ram’s horn trumpets blow at about 8am as we have breakfast on the balcony.  A Canadian couple have done us the enormous favour of allowing us the use of their beautiful  penthouse apartment just across the street from our family.  And that was before we even knew them!  What a reward must be awaiting them in heaven!  I wish I could put a little video on for readers to see  the wonderful  view and hear the trumpets, but that is beyond our zero tech ability.

The dreaded  vax…

Apparently Britain has  bought millions of doses for the autumn/winter.  No thank you once again.  We said ‘no’ to all the others for reasons we have discussed before.  I mean….it is experimental!  They used to get death row inmates to be guinea pigs for medications like this!  

Also why would you want ANYTHING with RNA in the title?  That is genetics and God has already sorted out our genes thank you. 

Also the lies.  ‘It is safe and effective.’  That is part of the script because those are the exact words every country  said through their leaders, ‘celebs’ paid to push it on TV. and medical experts  funded by big pharma.

Now we face the ‘Great Reset’ orchestrated by the World Economic Forum.  The script now is ‘Build Back Better’.   No thank you.  We will muddle along doing our best as always.  But we won’t be allowed to. 

Thank our wonderful  heavenly Father that we have the most glorious future, the true Great Reset of all things!  For Jesus our Savior is really coming back, folks, just like He promised! 

Those of us who truly believe in Him and try to live as He would like are really going to see Him.  1 Thes 4 we will not all die, but some of us are going to meet Him in the air and receive our new bodies on the way up probably!

That is our blessed hope, and there is no better hope or higher goal than to see the Savior face to face and be with Him forever!

Our Father will wipe away every tear from our eyes!  No more  crying, no more dying, no more pain, no more fear.  Rev 21 That is our future. CMeanwhile we have work to do to lay up treasure in heaven.  Can you help  some believer today?  Or unbeliever = and tell them you do it in the name of Jesus.

 Can you tell  someone about Jesus or give them a tract?  Our friends have found a great tract called ‘Jesus in the Quoran’ and we find that muslims are happy to take it and even thank us for it!  Then I offer them a paperback gospel  and tell them here is part of the Injil.  That means the New Testament which they have never had access to and some of them are delighted to get a copy.

You can order NIV versions of the gospels and I order 100 at a time, 25 of each of the four gospels, so they are on a shelf by the door to give to any delivery person.  Most take one with a tract inside.  I just hope these seeds find good ground.

I order NIV because that is the best version available here and although I prefer the KJ, people do not want to read it.

They are light, so you can have a few in your pocket or bag all ready if the occasion presents itself.  One lady in the fitting room of a department store took everything I had and was almost in tears of gratitude. 

Just smile and start a casual conversation.  ‘Hello, thank you for helping me.  Have you worked here long?  Etc.  And then…’Oh yes, I have a gift for you.  I give these out because I am a Christian and I believe Jesus is coming soon…’  and hold out a gospel or a tract.  If they refuse, don’t argue, just say OK and no more.

But most people take it and you can tell them a bit more.  The tracts have our church name, website and phone numbers, but very few ever come or call.

Now for the Seven Feasts:

  • The Feast of Trumpets is the first of the three autumn feasts.  Put it in our internal search engine ‘Feasts of Israel’ and hopefully you can find out all about them.  The Bible commanded Jewish men to come to Jerusalem three times a year to celebrate the seven feasts – three in the spring for Passover, on 50 days later at Pentecost, and three in the autumn for Tabernacles.  T
  • They are all prophetic, God’s timeline.  Jesus the Passover Lamb crucified, buried, and risen from the dead -the first three feasts.
  • Pentecost, birthday of the church, Jews and gentiles become ‘one new man’ as Ephesians 2.
  • Last three feasts – Trumpets (rapture of the church), Day of Atonement (Israel repents and accepts Jesus as their Messiah), and Tabernacles (1,0000 year reign of the Lord Jesus!)  

It's not too late to put your trust in the Lord Jesus today, folks, but tomorrow might be too late.  He really is coming! Only He can forgive your sins and make you fit for heaven.  Ask Him today to forgive all your sins and make you one of His people.  He is waiting....standing at the door knocking.  Won't you open your heart to Him today? 


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'Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.' Two million Christians martyred in recent years in Sudan now have this crown.
Revelation 2:10

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