Baal - the pagan idol in your garden. By Pat Franklin

Two heads of the Canaanite idol Baal. Remind you of anything?

Some of the Baal idols at the museum of Dor in north Israel.

These gnomes were on sale at a shop in Israel.

Do you have one of those cute little gnomes or pixies in your yard? Many do. You might be surprised to find that it is not so cute after all, and is in fact a modern representation of the ‘great and terrible god Baal’ of the Canaanites. Ridiculous? I am afraid not.

 On a visit to Israel I saw many heads of Baal in the museum at Dor, just south of Haifa in the north. They look just like the garden gnomes so popular in England. And they are virtually identical to the Seven Dwarves in the Snow White story. Dor on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, was an ancient Canaanite city, and many broken idols of Baal and Astarte (the male and female Canaanite deities) have been dug up there and are on display.

 The Baals look just like gnomes, some with chubby bearded faces, some with large vacant eyes, and with most of them wearing pointed, pixie-style hats. But these were not fun to have around – they are actual idols, representing spiritual beings, demons. People worshipped these things, which represented their ‘gods’. So terrible were they that children were sacrificed to these demonic beings. Do you have a garden gnome? Time to get the sledge hammer out! Get rid of that thing. Now you know what it really represents, you will have no excuse for keeping it.

 As for Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, well, what can I say? That is just how deceptive Satan is. He takes something loathsome and vile, something that is a direct affront to almighty God, a pagan idol, and turns it into a cute little children’s fairy tale, so that you can buy the book, see the movies, get the cuddly toy, and bingo! You have a cuddly little Baal idol in your child’s bedroom without even suspecting it. Such evil cunning.

 I wonder if there are actual demons attached to some of these toys, and if so, how many childhood diseases etc can be laid at the door of the demon in the bedroom? You may think this is all too far-fetched for words, but remember that Satan is a master of lies, the father of lies. He comes as ‘an angel of light’. It is time to wake up and pray for wisdom. And it is time to clear the idols from our homes, the things we did not even suspect were bad.

 Ironically, shortly after we saw the museum at Dor, we went to a shop which was selling garden gnomes. It was uncanny.  Just coming from the museum, we drove up the coast to a garden centre, walked in the door, and were faced with a table packed with garden gnomes, with faces looking exactly like the Baal idol.  

I believe that the Lord was confirming what I already suspected – that the gnomes are in fact idol figures of the pagan god Baal. The Second Commandment given to us by almighty God says: ‘Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image…Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them, for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God…’

The pictures of Baal and Astarte are in our book 'Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain'.

 Many Catholics have images (statues, pictures, trinkets depicting Mary and the saints) in their homes and churches which they say helps them to ‘reverence’ the person depicted. They bow (kneel) down to the statues. They light candles to them. They pray to them. This is all an affront to God, who alone is to be reverenced, knelt to, prayed to, worshipped. Wake up, people! Stop worshipping idols, mere objects that men have made, and get rid of them. If you love the Lord Jesus Christ, it is time to get serious and do as He wants, not as you want. And instead of reading your children the story of Snow White, how about reading a Bible story? Yes!!!

Of course you are not worshipping your garden gnome, but why keep such a thing?  Our friend Barry Smith, the New Zealand evangelist who is now with the Lord, used to line up gnomes and drive a truck over them!  What a character; what a beloved servant of Jesus; what a reward he must be enjoying now! 

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